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Rob Dunlavey
artist and illustrator of children's books
artist and illustrator of children's books

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Peaceable Kingdom
The gang's all here. "Peaceable Kingdom 07-19-17a watercolor, ink Owl Nuthatch Squirrels & Woodpeckers

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Ferny Forest
In the in-between time, an owl notices you. It lives in a funny forest with parasol trees. Ambitious ferns, but… no. 07-09-17a mixed media

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Great Blue Heron
He's baaaaack… 07-14-17 charcoal 07-16-17 ink, colored pencil 07-14-17 charcoal 07-13-17 ink 07-08-17 ink, charcoal, paint stick detail 07-08-17 ink

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Washy Watercolor
I think this approach is more prevalent during the Summer: straight, simple watercolor --like a child would do. 07-01-17 08-17-07 Concert for Planet Q fictional poster 12-26-07 03-20-08 07-06-16 07-30-10

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Fanciful and Real Birds
I recently saw a wonderful exhibit at the Worcester Art Museum entitled " Highest Heaven: Spanish and Portuguese Colonial Art from the Collection of Roberta and Richard Huber ." This show closes on July 9th just a few days from now. It consists primarily of...

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Day to Day
Too many images! Are your eyes blurring? Darting to and fro? Me too. Sometimes it's easier to make pictures than to look at them. I drew these last week and wanted to see them all in one place. Cross that off the list. Carry on! Grackle 06-02-17 Irises 06-0...

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Free Spirit
The Musician (inspired by " Il Cembalo di Partenope ") 05-15-17a Birds Making Music 05-29-17b mixed media Free Spirit 05-20-17b

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The Island crayon 06-01-17 When I was a kid, knowing the answer to this question was important: "What's your favorite color?" I always answered "Blue!" Nowadays, I like all colors and I take pride in having an infinite number of favorite colors simultaneous...

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Flights of Fantasia
Let me tell you a story… 05-12-17 Apollo and Cupid had a disagreement 05-12-17 Cupid  was the more cunning archer and caused Apollo to pursue the beautiful nymph Daphne who was equally opposed to his determined ardor. 05-12-17 Apollo finally catches Daphne ...

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I dislike motivational speakers. And as you will see, thinking about them galvanizes me to do something in response. In this case I was looking through my recent sketches which feature trees and I remembered that a motivational statement had appeared on my...
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