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Hummm, this is interesting...
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A lot like Facebook sort of crossed with a bit of Twitter.
I added the Google+ app to my Evo.
I will add it to the Nook CM7 too.
I think Google has something fundamental here. It much more closely mimics the way we compartmentalize our interactions with people in the real world rather than dumping everything into one giant bin the way Facebook does.
Yes I really like it so far. Now goggles problem is to get everyone on it that's scared Google is trying to take over the world.
I can see me making more use of this than I ever have of Facebook. Whether the bulk of the Facebook crowd comes over remains to be seen. Facebook is like AOL 2.0 with everyone and their dog and their dog's individual ticks having an account on it. Back in the 1990's AOL seemed invincible. Later on, MySpace seemed invincible and look at what happened to it.
Trying this out, I never did like Facebook and deleted my account sometime ago due to privacy concerns, will see how this goes, enjoy our WWF and hope you do also
I agree Tom.....there is a LOT of potential here :-)
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