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Meet Hwang Chul-soon The ‘Asian Arnold Schwarzenegger’ #HwangChul-soon

South Korean Bodybuilder Hwang Chul-soon is a fitness model and professional bodybuilder. He has an impressive physique juiced or not, he is a pure rage on the internet because of his impressive physique. His big muscular, chiseled frame is drawing acclaim from fans and fellow builders alike. Chul-soon has a strong social media following with 522k+ …
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Watch Mr. Olympia Phil Heath 2016 vs. 2011: Impressive Gains
In 2016 Mr. Olympia top four was very close Big Ramy, Shawn Rhoden, and Jackson all had great showings, but Phil was unquestionably the clear winner. When the contest is so close, every muscle peak and striation counts. When it comes time for the back pose, the Phil Heath 6x Mr. Olympia winner makes sure …
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Who has/had the best arms of all time in Bodybuilding History? The easy answer would be Arnold? But not so fast Arnold may have had the best biceps ever but his forearms and triceps lagged in comparison. Hard to decide with so many greats – here are my choices for the top eight guys of …
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