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My Apple TV is trolling me tonight. The screensaver keeps cycling through the various San Francisco scenes. 

Averaged below 5 min/km for the first time today :) Now please do excuse me whilst I crawl away and expire quietly by the roadside. 

Before the summer vacation in California, my flat route averaged 7 mins/km. My baby goat route is now down to 6 mins/km. 

At the weekend, seriously hit the range ceiling. Currently wondering how to get to 20 km range next, preferably without wrecking myself in the process.

That's now 1 min 20 secs off my average per-km pace, since getting back from the summer holiday.

Aiming to chip away at another 40 secs over the winter months. Feels like a very tall order at my age!

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Now this is the proper stuff #wasabi

One thing I saw in California was the merit in owning who you are and getting on with it.

Today, I am owning my food anxiety whilst being away at a conference. Found food I can trust, and turned the excursion into an opportunity to play a couple of guitars that aren't like the ones in my collection.

Might not be quite the right thing, especially if I end up lugging one home on the train ... :D

Up next: teaching, music, music, teaching. Then it's November. #weekends

There was more sun, a bit of exploration, important conversations and more favourite humans.

And closure. Bittersweet.

The last weekend of one of the best summers for many years. A great end. 

There was sun, there was ice cream, a small celebration for a wonderful summer, and favourite humans. #brighton
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