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I have internet in my hotel, but I also have parents that will make me go to bed so.... we'll see if I can say hi.

Last airport before I'm officially unreachable by phone. Scary thought.

At least the airport I'll be stuck at for the next twelve hours has free wifi. le sigh.

I have free internet in the Seattle Airport (will need to fly through here again), and no one's online to celebrate this with me. Guys, where are you when I need you?

I need editing software to do the vlogs but I don't have anything. DX

"You should totally come to Vancouver. You don't need to go to Toronto to see Tony. Tony's a spider." "I'm quoting this somewhere." "You said it first!" -Marcus Shine and me in conversation.

o.o Ray Willaim Johnson just invades my stream because there's no one else posting. C'mon guys! DX

"she thought jellybeans have brains!"
"If you're going to rage, don't rage into the microwave"
^misspoken quotes from me. DX

I'm really just posting here so my wall isn't completely blank o.o Is that bad? XD
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