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Proud to be Malaysian

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Pembangkang "Panas Panas Tahi Ayam"
Hantu Laut I feel sorry for all the Pakatan supporters, who put so much faith in their quirky and unreliable elected  representatives, who promised them heaven and hell to change the face and fate of this country for the better, if they were given a chance ...

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GST: Shame On You
Hantu Laut IN NEPAL (Where I am at the moment) I have been here close to two months and was in Turkey and Greece a week ago. Fuel price here:Diesel 0.78 Euro = RM3.09 per litre Petrol 0.98 Euro = RM3.89 per litre VAT (GST) 13% Nepal is one of the poorest na...

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To All Malaysia's Prophet Of Doom: Here's From The Godfather ( IMF) Of The Global Economy
Hantu Laut I am not going to say much about 1MDB in relation to the overall performance of the economy, but as long as it stays afloat the Malaysian economy will not be seriously effected.  The fundamentals are still good.   PM Najib should not be too happy...

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Why 1MDB Parked Its Money In Singapore?
Hantu Laut Veteran Newsman Questions Rationale Of Parking 1MDB Funds In Singapore . Again, I must qualify this is not a support for 1MDB (something is rotten in Denmark applies), but since they are keeping their inelegant silence, maybe, I can throw some li...

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1MDB Bank Negara Approval:Are They Barking Up The Wrong Tree?
Hantu Laut Jho Low Claimed The “PM/ FM” Gave Approval To Keep Bank Negara In The Dark On 1MDB Loan I 'll not doubt there is something rotten down in 1MDB and the goings-on, therein, may not be known to the PM. As I have suggested earlier forensic audit of t...

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Murder With Recourse:Why Western Media Blacked Out Sirul's Story ?
Hantu Laut It's like a nuclear fallout to many Malaysians, the biggest scoop of the century with politicians from the opposite camp having a field day drawing their knives for an overkill. DAP Lim Kit Siang was having the biggest thrill of his life poking m...

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Anwar: Blow by Blow
By Gopal Raj Kumar ANWAR: CONVENIENTLY FORGOTTEN TRUTHS ABOUT THE MAN AND MYTH Anwar Ibrahim did nothing to reform the system when he was an insider. And mind you, he was sitting at its apex and even acting as prime minister between May and July 1997.He did...

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Free Quran:Muslims Have Evil Intention ?
Hantu Laut Free Quran? No thanks. What’s your motive? Read it here. Hi Bayi, next time do a bit of research before you open your big mouth. What the difference, the Christians do it with their Bible.You can find a copy of the Bible in every room in every 5-...

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"Behind every great man there is a great woman"........she makes you, or destroy you!
Hantu Laut " Behind every great man there is a great woman"........she makes you, or destroy you! Acrimonious Split Rattles Malaysian Premier’s Family The announcement last week by top Malaysian banker Nazir Razak of his intention to file defamation charges...

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Putsch On Najib: New York Times Dalam Bahasa Melayu
Hantu Laut This could be the first for the New York Times, an article in Bahasa Melayu. The question is why did NYT go to such extent with its story on Malaysia's current PM and his family involvement in some very questionable deals. Are there invisible han...
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