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Happy Mother's Day!
This is Jubilee Year 2016 (after the 4TH Blood Moon Sept, 2015)
Do not come empty before The Lord God. I support,, GOD.TV, and more

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Alfred .alfred

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Alfred .alfred

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I am not begging. I am asking just a Small Easy Favor. - See more at: Help me get this gospel to The World (Jan 15TH Rest in Hebrew)
Visit the Jerusalem Prayer Team - Mike Evans, to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), and stay informed on what is really happening in the middle-east. Join Jerusalem PRAYER TEAM, Mike Evans an be part of a prophecy

Alfred .alfred

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SEARCH: RON WYATT ARCH of COVENANT __ Jesus, Messiah, Words to Capernaum __Pass-Over Week 2015... Open ye the gates, that the righteous nation which keepeth the truth may enter in. __ Remembering __ President: Paul Franklin Crouch! Passover to Pentecost: Prepare!!!
*May Our Great God in Heaven above, so richly bless You and Your Family!

The Year of Our Lord and Christ, 

2015 ...Blessings 5 7 7 5

October 2015  >


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" under-water Junk - Yard" ...Expert Red Sea Diver Comment  Objects; Sea Bottom Coralized!
Isra-El in the Land of Egypt + Foot Prints inscribed in stone along the Journey to
'The Promised Land of Canaan'

Evidence have surfaced (Coral Intact Image...) The Route Isra-El took across the Red Sea Path-Way.

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Praise God for Seed-Time Harvest Ministry!

Seed > TBN-Bible Code/ TCT/God.TV/ WDCX/  Freedom Village & Much More !

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Irag's Christians are crying to The Government of United States of America and The Civilized World ...SAVE US FROM ISIS BEHEADINGS!
August 2014 ... BTC to Stock-Trade Earning (Profit 0.37 USD ...BTC IN: 0.0024**)
Religious Message for Today: God Made You! 

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Good News (Finland ... Kenya)   +   Health (rt margin) Peak?

Brutal jihadists have given Iraq's Christians an ultimatum, "Convert, Leave, or Die." Tens of thousands of Christians are on the run, Christian children have been beheaded, and crucifixions have returned to the Middle East. America must stop the genocide of Christians in Iraq.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction?/ISIS/Christian Extermination ... In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the world’s leaders made a simple vow: “Never again.”. . .
[[[Not for Children to see.]]]   ___  Thank you for Being Heard...Jordan Sekulow

I have asked Admin:
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My Soul Loves Jesus.  +  Early devotions online. 
JEREMIAH CHAPTER 15 ...I am weary with repenting. / isaiah/40-2 ...comfortably to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she hath received of the LORD'S hand double for all her sins. ( I ) ...Shall iron break the northern iron and the steel?

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FREED?  Continued in prayer until they were Free. The Lord God (Jesus Christ) in Heaven willed this to be.  >>>    >>>

10 Yrs of Tunnels *Inside Israel Too? Still, More T...
Inv  Israel Nat-Gas Stocks ::


Unlawful .. Struck Down



New Diseases .. Brother Hal 

Pastor Brothers Update 1-800-victory

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Hal Lindsey ISAS  Vs  IRAQ & SYRIA

I believe that It is important to approve honest Admin, and also expose Scams.
Year (3): Scam Report: You may remember the Scripture in The Holy Bible Isaiah 5: verse 14 (KJV),

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Debt Freedom Quest
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Yeshua is The Messiah of Israel

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ADF’s friend-of-the-court brief in Susan B. Anthony List v. Driehaus.

Saturday Update Your time!
Freedom Village Ukraine (Russian Militants kill Pastors.

Health Products Auto-Ship?

Truth Crushed To Earth Shall Rise Again...  Dr. Martin L. King Jr.


For over a year, the Obama Administration’s IRS has been obstructing the truth. Now we know what they were hiding.

New bombshell emails reveal that within 24 hours of the IRS flagging the first conservative group in 2010, top IRS officials in Washington ordered the targeting.

Officials in Washington, not Cincinnati, instructed field offices to send the first “Tea Party” cases to Washington and “hold the rest.” And that’s what they did.

Then, for years, IRS officials in Washington, including the Chief Counsel’s office, developed unconstitutionally intrusive demands, targeting conservative and pro-life Americans.

Our lawsuit on behalf of 41 targeted conservative groups from 22 states is leading the charge for justice. It’s the only thing standing between censorship and free speech.

ACLJ Chief Counsel 

Freedom Village USA/CA/UKr Orphans

Help! Pastor Saaed/  Beaten / Prison in Iran.

Please pray that President Barack Obama will demand His release; an American Citizen in Prison for Preaching The Gospel of Truth and Salvation.

Thanks Team...Demand is being made!

Stand for Christ!



_Audio Science vs Truth? ( A )    ( B )  ? 10 to 12TH Factor expl.

Stated: examples of ACA enabled taxpayer-funded abortion continue to 

surface. See, e.g., Cong. Chris Smith, Of 112 Obama-care Plans for 

Congress and Staff, 103 are Pro-Abortion (Dec. 3, 2013) (federal employee 

health plans now cover elective abortion). 

Whether viewed as a matter of law or a matter of fact, the ACA 

authorizes taxpayer-funded abortion. 


The Sanctity of Life?

Christ : God Made You!

Yes! Will you both, Repent and Pray (esp if you have taught Prejudice to Children; be they white or black, or asian skin tone, Jew or Gentile)!


Bragging rights
Saved (Born again by Grace through Faith * including water * Holy Wind of God ) in the Year 1968 - 69. Sow a Seed for God's Heavenly Harvest. Planting Gospel Seed around God's Globe ... TBN ... TCT ... WDCX ... God.TV ..... VOE ... TotallyGospelradio ...
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