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For a position as a serious front end ninja, a small software house in tel-aviv is looking for somebody who seriously knows his way around the web. From advanced javascript to proper CSS.

The ideal candidate could give thousands of lines of coffeescript generated JS the reacharound and not be embaressed about it in the morning. deal with impatient and demanding backend developers and venture into the dark abyss of browser compatibility without flinching.

Needed Skills: CSS (also 3), HTML(also 5), ECMAscript(up to 5 and beyond).
A plus: proficiency in unix/linux, artistic and autistic skills and passion for rational perfection.

In exchange, we would pay you hefty amounts of monies every month. buy you a meal every day and not make snide remarks about how you look and act.

About us:
* Our name is Adotomi and our product is Ironflyer. here's some information about us in calcalist:,7340,L-3530106,00.html
* We do not have a presentational website for the product yet ( wont be your job, don't worry ).

send CVs to or message me directly.

PHP is like the China of computer languages. copies from everybody, never gets it right and still everybody uses it because it's cheap
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