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We build portable music stands out of steel and brotherhood.
We build portable music stands out of steel and brotherhood.
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Ladies and gentlemen - it is with great privilege and honor that we introduce Portastand's newest family member: the Minstrel Deluxe. The ultimate in portability and usability, the Minstrel Deluxe is the perfect tool to support you in your musical endeavors. Head over to to view the Deluxe in all its glory. Also, use the promo code BOXITUP14 at checkout to get free shipping for the entire week! #cybermonday
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If there's such a thing as "too much Rhodes piano," I haven't found it yet.

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This is only appropriate today.

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Introducing the Universal Tablet Mount. Say no to tablet inequality.

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Huge thanks to Guitars United for spotlighting us at summer NAMM!

I try not to hang out with people who have never played snare on Ravel's "Boléro," because I know they don't truly understand patience.

Dear Local Radio Stations: Whenever you all play the same hit song at the same time as each other, a violin explodes somewhere.

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It's OK to laugh, because we've all been there. My heart aches for you, buddy. It also chuckles a little. #PianoFail

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Thanks to everyone who joined us at Summer #NAMM this weekend! We felt the love.

Horrifying Musical Memory #2: Every time I thought it would be cool to drum shirtless in my teens.

#Why #BurnThePhotos
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