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Plant family Zingiberaceae
Zingiberaceae has about 115 species in Vietnam , here are some of the species : 1.  Alpinia calcarata (Haw.) Roscoe : Riềng lá bắc to Synonyms: Alpinia alata A.Dietr.; Alpinia bracteata Roscoe; Alpinia calcarata var. compacta Gagnep.; Alpinia cernua Sims; A...

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Genus Zingiber Miller 1754. - 140: 49 Thai.; Zingiberaceae
1. Zingiber Miller 1754. - 140: 49 Thai. Herbs with fleshy, branched rhizome,
producing several long, leafy shoots. The leaves are numerous and provided with
a characteristic swelling, called a pulvinus, at the base of the lamina. A
similar structure is fou...

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Plant family Acanthaceae
This is a family with many common plants , many species grown as ornamentals . They have more than 200 species in Việt Nam 1. Acanthus ebracteatus Vahl.  : Ô rô  Grows wild coastal rivers Acanthus ebracteatus  Vahl.  Photo by Hai Le 2. Acanthus ilicifolius ...

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The Gingers of Thailand Key to the genera found in Thailand
The Gingers of Thailand Key to the genera found in Thailand This key is based on the general
overview in Larsen, Lock, Maas & Maas (1998). Considerable new information
has been gained since the publication of this work, therefore the present key
deviates in...

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Pollination and dispersal
and dispersal The biology of the
Zingiberaceae is still poorly known. Pollination and dispersal of the seeds
have only been observed in few species, but insects, such as butterflies and
moths seem to play a major role. Ants and bees have been se...

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Structure of the Ginger plant
Structure of the
Ginger plant All
Gingers are herbaceous plants. Even if some of them reach above 10 m height as
the giant Alpinia boia from the Fiji Islands, others, such as some species of
Kaempferia, are hardly raised more than a few cm above the ground....

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Plant Geography of Gingers
Geography of Gingers The Zingiberaceae are found throughout
the tropics, very few reach the subtropical zone. In Japan a few species of Alpinia and one of Zingiber are native. In the southern Himalaya the genus Roscoea, the most cold tolerant of all G...

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Systematics and nomenclature
and nomenclature The Ginger family, or Zingiberaceae, belongs to the order
Zingiberales (previously called Scitamineae). It is a very natural order, which
today is divided into eight families falling into two groups, the Banana group
and the Gin...

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History of exploration of the Thai ginger flora
Thailand was one of the last regions of Southeast Asia to be explored.
As Thailand has always been an independent country, never colonized by any
Western power, botanical exploration, in the tradition of the West, came late.
The first who collected plant sp...

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Introduction GINGERS of Thailand
Gingers are classified as the plant family
Zingiberaceae, while the commercial Ginger is the cultivated species Zingiber
officinale. During the last decades there has been a growing interest in
studying these plants among botanists, amateurs and commercial ...
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