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+Jason Morningstar Do you have some Playbooks to share ?!
We're playing Eberron/Dungeon World, and it is so lovely the way the rules support our respective visions. I wanted to play a fish-out-of-water killing machine with a "learn what I am and accept that, or not" arc, and it is going so well. Last night I finally got to really for-real fight and it was terrifying, as I wanted it to be. 

Sicarius Percussor is a warforged assassin who refuses to believe it's a warforged (it doesn't know what it is, and has no memory of the past - leading contender right now is "elf" and nobody has the stones to correct it). Sicarius knows it has a soul and has met Death - who extracted an oath from Sicarius to slay someone called "The Lord of Blades". The group is tramping through the Mournlands on a secret mission when they come across a warforged fortress. Sicarius, lacking diplomacy or subtlety, walks up to the gate and announces it is here to kill the Lord of Blades. They attack, it kills the hell out of one warforged and goes ninja-berserk on them in truly awe-inspiring fashion. Finally a parley - "I can kill you metal men all day," Sicarius says, "but all I want is the Lord of Blades." And it works. 

"The Lord of Blades is not here; the Lord of Blades resides atop a plateau of glass far to the south. Please leave this place."

And Sicarius carefully surveys the scene - the mechanical carnage it has wrought, the hesitant warforged that surround it, eager to see the assassin's back - and records the image. Sicarius adds a simple message - I AM COMING FOR YOU - and plucks out one eye, which sprouts little wings and flies off to find the Lord of Blades and deliver the message.

It felt pretty badass! Especially intermingled with some dramatic failures.

Apparently the Lord of Blades is some kind of robot God surrounded by an army of fanatic murder robots? I guess we'll find out next week. 

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