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I wanted to put this out there for some help for my mother and my nieces who she has taken in. She is in trouble and needs support. Please read, share, help any way you can. Thank you so much.


Friday the 13th has been lucky for me! I've won $10, $15, 4 $20s, and a $50 and numerous $5 winners on scratch tickets today..and a medium fry from McDs. #winning #fridaythe13th

Can't tell if my boyfriend was joking or if he is serious but I gotta say I am a little offended! He better be joking. 

That moment when you just want to give up. You just want to quit. But there is nothing to give up to so you can't. Nothing or no one to turn to. Nowhere to go. Just stuck. 

To say that my boyfriend has a bit of a competetive nature would be a huge understatement. He seriously goes to extremes. For instance, I started playing the Punch Buggy game with him. I got him once, and it was "on". For every one, he gets 20. The dude is relentless.

So the other night when we were laying down to go to sleep, he said he felt like a bug or two was crawling in him. I thought I would be funny and gently brushed my fingertip on his back. He slapped the spot that I brushed and I laughed and immediately said it was me. "Payback's a bitch" he let me know. The nights that followed were full of torturous games of putting lint and fuzzy things on me, causing me to hit and slap myself while I was trying to sleep. Finally, I respond to him with his own words. "Payback's a bitch". His reaction to that? If I even touch him once, he is going to find the biggest ugliest spider he can find and put it on me, knowing my horrible fear of spiders. He thinks that is plently fair. I told him he has to promise he would never do that. He said he can't because that is what would have to happen next time.

Tell me, how is this playing fair? Anyone? Anyone?

Well I got a job. Start on Wed. Only part time but still pays well. I do foresee working while living out of a car is.gonna be tough though. Gotta do what ya gotta do though.

Good morning! Have a great Monday all!

Nothing like sitting around all day in the car reading and doing crossword puzzles with the boyfriend. How romantic.

What tv show do you miss the most?

Tag people in to join the convo!

I have a feeling its gonna be hard for ne to human today, let alone brain.
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