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And now I'm off to Egypt for the next couple of months... I'll be in touch!

At ICAF this past weekend I got into a lot of discussions about how one defines comic art. What do you think? Do you stand by McCloud's definition? Or do you think that a work's intention/context has a lot to do with what a comic is?

Personally, I think a lot of it has to do with context and intention... maybe also the potential for reproducibility and/or an audience.

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CLV- my webcomic. Feel free to share with friends.

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I'm in White River Junction, VT- getting ready to present a talk at the International Comics Art Forum on Friday.

Here's the program!:

I really am getting old...I'm still not sure how Google+ actually works. Can people who added me see all of my posts even if I don't add them back or if I limit my post to certain circles? Not that I really care who reads what I write on this thing, but I'm curious.

Sorry I'm behind the times b/c I wasn't able to get to know this new networking tool over the summer (stupid work computer and its outdated internet browsing software...)
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