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Rom Brown
Avid tabletop gamer and artist
Avid tabletop gamer and artist

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Something a Little Fishy
Salmon was on the menu with this recently commissioned Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island component pimp. It was certainly enjoyable working on some different fins from my regular fishies and to get a nice blend of coloured clays to give them ...

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Back in the Dungeon!
It seems like only mere days have passed since Darcy Perry of Star Hat Miniature's first amazingly successful KickStarter project, and already another is up and running ...and half way to its goal in little more than a day, if that. Delvers Lost in the Dung...

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Rum and Goblins!
Hey folks :) Just watched the freshly released  Part I of this very amusing battle report for Stronghold 2nd Edition , where Peter and Will at The Esoteric Order of Gamers battle it out at the castle walls. I have no idea * wink * who crafted those war-mach...

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Return to the Cursed Island!
A new set of my sculpted board game components, for Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island ,  has arrived at its destination in the UK, and are now safely in the hands of their owner. I got make a few variants on some of the pieces I had previousl...

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1st Stronghold 2nd Edition pimp commission completed ...phew -_-

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Is that a Trebuchet in your Pocket...?
The last pieces ...well, for now... pimping out a copy of Ignacy Trzewiczek's great game of siege warfare: Stronghold 2nd Edition . The trebuchets were certainly another tricky build, involving many bakes and also some serious pinning manoeuvres in their as...

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Onward, Onagers!
It was time for the orcs to get down to business; smashing that wall down was on the menu ... and the recipe was going to involve flying rocks. "Bring the onagers!" yelled the captain. Further commissioned work on the Stronghold 2nd Edition pimp. Onagers , ...

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Siege the Moment
Another update on my Stronghold 2nd Edition pimp. I had a niggling feeling that something was missing from the war-machines ... then it came to me ... they needed to be based. Sure, they looked pretty tidy sitting on the board as is, but a base would give t...

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More fun that you can shake your ever decreasing sanity at!! Be in to win...

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I've a Ballista on my Finger
Further Stronghold 2nd Edition progress. Time to send in some huge flying pointy things to knock them pesky tin cans off the walls. A tricky build ... these Ballistas took several levels of construction with bakes in between; but it was certainly fun creati...
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