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Michelle Melson Mock
Medical Doctor * Mom to 5 * Health Advocate * Gluten-free & Dairy-free Foodie * Paleontologist * (okay...not really the last one!)
Medical Doctor * Mom to 5 * Health Advocate * Gluten-free & Dairy-free Foodie * Paleontologist * (okay...not really the last one!)

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How our mind works:

1. Information: Your mind consumes information from the environment or circumstance you're in...and it reacts to it. So what comes in matters. If you’re around negative people, your mind wants to mirror that negativity. If you’re around something inspiring, your mind mirrors that too. So be cautious about having negative information and people in your life because they shape your overall psychology. And be diligent about consuming positive, intelligent, and instructive information to strengthen your mind.

2. Interpretation: Once your mind takes in information, it interprets it by asking, "Is this good or bad? Is this safe or dangerous? Should I approach or avoid? What does this mean to me personally?" Interpretation defines things for us and tells us how meaningful something is. And that interpretation is primarily driven by past experiences, what we call conditioning. Self-mastery is really about learning to consciously interpret the information coming into our lives in an open and purposeful way, And part of mastering our relationships is learning how those we love interpret things.

3. Intention: Our intention of who to be can rewrite our history. It is our dominant intentions for who we want to be, how we want to interact with people, and what we want to create and contribute to the world that forms the real power of our mind. Imagine a burning building on fire. Some people might interpret danger and run, while someone else might have the intention to be a servant and hero and their intention overrides their interpretation of danger...and they run into the building to save people. It was their intention that overrode their immediate impulses - that’s consciousness and that’s heroism.

4. Initiative: Our mind is most shaped by our actual behavior. When we act cowardly by running away, remain silent, or refuse to take actions toward dreams that are important to us, our mind interprets this and says, "I'm weak, incapable or unworthy." Yet, when we take action and have initiative, our mind develops self-determination and self-regulation. Our actions of yesterday form the thrust of how we think today. The more positive actions we take the more positive our minds become.

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This is really cool!  I had never heard of Uber before Brain Cole started as a driver. (This is his video.) No Uber coverage where I live. I do live within 2 hours of Uber covered cities, and this looks to be a great option when flying into an Uber covered city on business. Forget the rental car!

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This is really fun to listen to and watch.

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Live The Charged Life!

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Just found the MyKidsAdventures website. It has some cool stuff…I have 5 kids, so I always like checking out new kid friendly ideas.

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Here's to sweet soaring spirits!
Tech issues today. Had to keep positive attitude.

+Kajabi's Total Product Blueprint Bonus Thanks for adding me to your circle. Bet you found me during Brendon's Hangout yesterday. :o) Didn't even know about your bonuses until today. WOW…great stuff! I'm one of High Performance Academy's first Certified High Performance Coaches and getting ready to take things online. Looking forward to using Kajabi and Megaphone. Have a great one! 

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