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Dear Google,

What is up with the ridiculous auto-generated slideshows, collages, animations etc. that you're putting into my photo albums?

I use these albums to let clients preview images from photo shoots, and these cheesy (snow animations? really?) additions make me look like an amateur.

First Flickr became photographer-unfriendly and unusable, now Google?

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Tom Giebel commented on a post on Blogger.
Why I do support "Black Day" ... Yahoo has made it clear they want to make it a Facebook competitor at all costs. Instead of making a thoughtful, photo-centric redesign, which I'd welcome with open arms, they are glomming on social media skin while leaving the infrastructure intact.

The most recent redesign didn't fix things that were broken, and broke things that were working just fine. 

Perhaps, when they debut a Facebook-ized Flickr, I'll end up liking it more than I did the last re-design. But participating in a "Black Day" posting is a way for me to give them notice that I'm not a happy camper.

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Mermaid Parade  Coney Island, Brooklyn, 2013
Mermaid Parade 2013, Coney Island, Brooklyn, NYC
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Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 2013

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Queens Gay Pride, 2013.
Jackson Heights, Queens, NYC
Queens Pride 2013
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Great Peconic Bay
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