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Andrew Bickerton
Australian software geek now living in the North West of England...
Australian software geek now living in the North West of England...

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Transparency in businesses.

One of the key problems I have with most new online businesses is the lack of transparency. In particular I want to know how do they intend to make money, this will allow me to make an informed decision:
1. Do I think they are going to still be around in a years time?
2. Is their monetary incentives inline with my goals? so can I reasonably trust that what I give them will be secure and used in a responsible manner?

When non-technical people are evaluating new websites, I believe this information would be valuable to those potential customers. I know I don't sign onto a site until I figure it out (though sometimes I find a different answer than the founders)

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"You Feel The Blood Drain From Your Face (A DevOps story)" #coding #feedly

Very, VERY! good advice. If you are a developer read and follow this advice.

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"Hard Reboot"

Awesome solution :-) 

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"Spaced Repetition Software... for Kids!"

A great idea ahead of its time

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When talking to non-techies it's always the hardest thing to explain... But sometimes other techies can come up with amazing and surprising solutions that we previously thought were impossible.


Happiness: day 4

Went well yesterday. SO has taken on trying to find the positives and is doing well at it.

Though apparently it's only under the condition that I'm not allowed to whistle... I apparently whistle out of tune.

But at least I'm still allowed to hum :)

Happiness: day 3

Today was a harder day, did not start the best but was still able to leave the house with a smile. Good day at work had fun over lunch and it was great to be greeted with big grins and jokes from the kids :)

The rest of the night though... Not so fun, struggling to find the positive. But I have not given up, I will switch this frown upside down before bed tonight and ready to find the joy in a new day :-)

Happiness: day 2

Gone reasonably well today, lots of smiles and a few laughs. Found a great dad's joke to tell the kids in the morning "what do you call an alligator that wears a vest?" "An investigator!"

Still getting a fair bit of grief from the SO, got asked 'can you be a bit more grumpy with your cheerfulness?', still focusing on finding the lighter and more positive side of situations.

This isn't about just having a smile on my face or purely to get a short fix of pleasure, it's about being happy. Getting satisfaction out of a job that is intellectually stimulating, feeling happy (and savoring that feeling) about a job well done. Having fun and feeling proud of my kids. All of these things and more.

In particular it's about focusing on the good things in our lives and pushing the negatives, the things we don't have/like to their rightful place...

On to day 3

The happiness month.

I've decided to be happy for 30 days, I'm going to sing songs out of tune, whistle, smile and respond with as much laughter as I can.

Day 1 went well, the kids joined in with my laughter and smiles and while I still had to enforce lights off they seemed happy as well. The SO on the other hand seems not so convinced, keeps asking me what's wrong and claiming that I'm getting on her nerves.

Let's see how day 2 goes...
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