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A free open source 2D MMORPG!
A free open source 2D MMORPG!

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Did you know Manaplus is available as a Chrome app?

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TMW source commits visualized from Sept 2004 until June 2015

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The Mana World is seeking donations. Help us keep the community alive, forever. #Itenplz

Congratz to all the winners!!!

The first winner of Ginaria's Hide and seek is Maranhao, his first pick was number 150, which was a pirate hat. Thats a mini prize, so on his second pick it was 289 with this number he won "big prize" Green rabbit ears.

The second winner of Ginaria's Hide and seek is MAF-Saulc-Youtube, his first pick was number 27, which was a fluffy hat. Thats a mini prize, so on his second pick it was 127 with this number he won a Strange Coin.

The third winner of Ginaria's Hide and seek is Shile, her first pick was number 147, which was a dark petal.

The fourth winner of Ginaria's Hide and seek is Skozy. She won five small prizes: Dark Blue Short Tank Top (225), 14 Decor Candy (75), 3 Iten (37), White Cowboy Hat (262), Turtleneck Sweater (13).

We hope everyone enjoyed it, even the people who didn't win. if you didn't win Xmas is coming soon and we'll probably do another event during xmas... so you all get another chance.

The GM Team.

#themanaworld #mmorpg #GMevent #halloween

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Friday 30/10:
veryape will host the event. veryape couldn't commit to a specific time so somewhere between 13:00-19:00 server time.
the content of the event is a surprise also. the prize will be a top hat, so you can be clones of NitayandaGM.

Saturday 31/10:
At 12:00-13:00 Silent Dawn will host her event, Details about the event itself are a secret too.
The prize will be Opera mask.

At 16:00-17:00 NitayandaGM will hide his main character, spawning random mobs on you to slow you down while you seek him.
The reward will be Guy Fawks mask, the winner will be able to gamble the mask for something else from the gm storage.

Sunday 1/11:
Prsm will conclude the Halloween weekend with a Slime Party at 18:00 server time.
The reward will be funky hat. you'll need to hand him the toothbrush to gain it.

Ginaria couldn't commit to specific day or hour, but she said she'll do an event sometime during the weekend. so expect to be surprised by her.

Enjoy the event.
we wish you all best of luck
The GM team.

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GM Event tonight at about 10pm server time. Have fun! =) =) #themanaworld #gmevent #mmorpg

You know that the gm's would not let Halloween go by without a Halloween event.
We are looking at hide and seek, slime event, and maybe another (like a costume event). So start putting some thought into costumes and where we might hide.
Dates and time will be coming soon.......
PRSM (GM) #halloween #GMevent #themanaworld #tmw #mmorpg

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Have you ever wanted to donate to help TMW out. We are currently seeking funds to pay for hosting.
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