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Summer Tree Care Checklist!

Summer isn’t always so sweet to your trees. Help them from falling victim to summer storms, pests and diseases by following the 3 steps in the link below.

The first step is:

Inspect your landscape!

You’re dreaming of that lush, green lawn you’ve admired in the photos of landscaping magazines and calendars. But remember: It’s important to look up, too.

Check your trees for damage or warning signs; specifically insect infestations and diseases. Then, consult a professionally trained arborist to determine whether treatment regimens are necessary.…/articles/summer-checklist/
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Has your grass decided that now would be a great time to experiment with changing colors? Don't panic if your grass is going brown in certain spots on your lawn, as in this extreme heat it's increasingly likely to occur.

Short answer: Yes! Your lawn can still be saved when it reaches this point, but it requires you to really look at what you're doing because something is wrong.

There are a lot of different things that could be making your lawn brown such as thatch, mowing, watering, insects, salt damage, etc. The main thing you have to realize though is that regardless of what it is, you need to act now.

Lawns DO go dormant sometimes! It's okay if they aren't always that lovely shade of green that we have come to expect and enjoy. Follow our tips or give us a call to handle it, and we will restore that original color that added cheer to your front yard.
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Summer heat can take a toll on turf, especially when your lawn care program falls short. If you mow too low, water too much or too little, or ignore early signs of pests, your grass could quickly become lackluster...

Or even completely die in small or large patches. Keep your lawn looking its best all summer long by mastering these 10 summer care tips.

Tip #1Mow at the right height.

In summer, adjust your mower height to leave grass taller. Taller grass shades soil, which reduces water evaporation, leads to deeper roots and prevents weed seeds from germinating.

Ideal mowing height varies with grass type. Time mowings so you’re never removing more than one-third of the leaf surface at a time.

Click the link below to read about the other useful tips on lawn care!
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Watering in the Summer!

Proper watering is necessary to ensure your property’s trees are there to provide shade and natural beauty for generations to come.

While many people assume that the rain cycle is sufficient for tree health, this is not usually the case.

Trees lose water daily and in every season; for every 18 degree increase in temperature, the amount of water lost by a tree and the area around it almost doubles.

So, particularly in the warmer months, trees can benefit from supplemental watering.

Click the link below to read some of the tree watering tips and read how to keep your trees in good shape during the summer!
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Best Pick Reports
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"Why do I need my trees removed professionally after they die? Is it possible to just ignore it and let it work itself out?"

One of the biggest reasons you need a tree removal is because of what happens after a tree dies. In this picture, termites have made a new home in the base of a dying tree.

They can always tell when a tree is on its last legs, and when the best time for them to move in is.

Termites in a dead tree are a bit of a problem for the rest of your yard as well. They won't just stay in a single spot and will spread to other trees as well, or even your house if it's nearby.

Because of this, a tree removal becomes essential for ridding your yard of potential problems and hazards.

Rather than view tree removal as a chore or something to set on the back-burner, instead learn to treat it with a sense of urgency to protect your other assets.

Termites require pest control, and the foundations of your house are definitely tricky to repair, so don't make it hard on yourself!
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One of the more unpleasant sides of trees are their roots, which tend to keep on doing their own thing after a tree has been cut down or removed.

Living trees also allow their roots to grow in uncontrollable directions, so simply not removing a tree until later won't help.

A root removal service will rid you of the most annoying, and often times the most unseen, ways a tree can keep on undermining your house.

Root removal helps you protect both your house and the area around it, as tree roots enjoy burrowing into sewer lines, septic tanks, or even homes.

One way we can stop them from exploring where they shouldn't is by utilizing barriers to tree roots. This is effective in keeping your tree alive, as well as stopping branch growth.

If you don't wish to keep the tree alive and would like to handle root removal AND tree removal at once, we can utilize a fast acting poison.

The poison causes the tree to decompose without doing any damage to your yard, or nearby plants. If your tree is already dead, this is also the best way to remove the dead roots, causing them to decay.
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If you’re searching for gardening gift ideas for Mother’s Day, look no further! A mother who loves to garden would love any of these thoughtful gifts.

From plants to planters, helpful tools, and more, everyone is sure to find something for their mother on this list. Click the link below to read everything on this list.

One idea is a Book of Peonies!

Why Mom will love it: Peonies are a beautiful flower variety that gardeners fawn over. Any peony lover will enjoy this wonderful guide to the object of their desire with full-page flower photos, growing details, and a history of the flower’s propagation.
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A tree limb crashing through a window, sprinkling glass all over the living room carpet! Surely an occurrence to avoid, right?

But what if you need to have tree limbing work done in order to let more sun into a garden area? If you, yourself undertake your tree limbing project, you risk precisely that occurrence, when the tree in question looms over your house like the fabled sword of Damocles.

You could also suffer serious injury in the course of such a project through a fall, cutting yourself with a chainsaw, etc.

Clearly, tree limbing is not a project to rush into. Even the most ardent do-it-yourselfer will probably want to defer to the expertise of tree services on this one. The problem is, how do you locate tree services?

And once you have located them, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff for so risky a job as tree limbing (or tree removal)?

Make sure to give the friendly and experienced professionals here at Special Tree Service a call next time you or someone you know is looking to get work done on their lawn or landscape!
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Do you or someone you know have a stump in your yard that needs to be removed?

We found this link that talks about 6 reasons why you should stop waiting and get rid of that thing!

Before you have a tree removal specialist cut down the dead tree in your yard, you'll need to decide whether the worker should remove the tree stump as well.
If you're having a hard time making this judgment call, consider these factors when deciding what to do with the stump.

Stumps aren't pretty. Aesthetically speaking, the sight of a stump definitely isn't appealing. If you're meticulous about your yard and landscaping, removing the stump is well worth it.

Stumps are hazardous. Stumps are dangerous to your children. When running and playing in your yard, they may not look for the stump and trip over it. And if a neighbor trips, it's a liability that falls into your hands. In addition, tree stumps can damage your mower if you accidentally hit one when you're mowing your lawn.

When you're ready to get that thing taken care of, make sure to give the friendly and experienced professionals here at Special Tree Service in mind for all your tree and landscape needs!
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Summer... Is it too late to plant?

The biggest determinate during this period will be how well you water the tree. We can set it up for you just fine, but watering over the summer is what determines if your plant will live or not since it's likely to dry without water.

Your summer trees should give hints in the leaves, letting you know light and curling means under watered, while dark and drooping means over watered. As for consistency, watering every day is actually counter intuitive and isn't good for the plant.

The water needs to reach the root for the process to work, so you need to leave the water on a slow drip for about 20 seconds for the summer tree to receive the full benefit. It's also important to ask us about any unique needs your tree has concerning its soil preferences.

Adding around 3 inches of mulch to the soil typically helps the plant adjust on its own to how much water it needs reaching the roots, and how much it needs in the soil.

Every tree is different, and while they will grow quicker, growing trees in the summer will test how attentive to detail you are. Tree wraps are another unique treatment you will have to apply to your trees as they face the sun. Some people paint their trees, but sometimes that can prove to be detrimental to their developing health.
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