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Producer / ReMixartist /Musician from Germany
Producer / ReMixartist /Musician from Germany
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Buy the complete digital discography of TweakerRay for just 50% of the price... Over 70 Tracks just for USD 15.47$
Get it at
Buy the complete digital discography of TweakerRay for just 50% of the price... Over 70 Tracks just for USD 15.47$
Get it at

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Be there... THIS SATURDAY !!! TweakerRay feat. Legoluft LIVE !!!
This Saturday... TweakerRay feat. Legoluft LIVESET !!!  @

21:30 CET - Be there...

Get into the mood:

More infos:

Here is the flyer of the programm:

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Some people might think I won't notice... but I do...
This guy: "DarkLichNY" aka
stole 3 remixes of mine, altered the covers and uploaded them to -
let's see how fast they will get erased. I hope his account get banned...
His "artwork" of his Hurt ReMix is also a altered artwork I have done for my
"only remix" by nine inch nails... Come on DarkLichNY... you can't do any own artwork , nor any good remix ? THEN DON'T STEAL MINE...
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The New Destroy The Mainstream Mix is online at:

This time with Special Guest: Cru5h3r from Argentina.

Join us on a ride through Electronic and Industrial Mayhem...

And if you enjoy this mix. Please share it !

Support us and buy some music:



My new EP can be streamed at soundcloud... and if you want to support my work please buy it ;-)

You can buy the album at and at itunes and amazon. The links are in the description of the songs...

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This article is how I feel about streaming services:

Translation with the help of Google: My aversion of streaming platforms has nothing to do with the respect for music creators.
It is not about the cash flow nor the very different accounting models to me.
I simply do not understand why streaming services are so attractive - I always get sick of this.
This music has nothing to do with me.
When I stream music, it feels to me like I don't have my own wardrobe.
It's like I would have a door at my home to all the clothes shops of the world in which I could buy new clothes for myself - on a daily basis.
The deal: In the evening my wardrobe wanders back through this strange door back to the big clothing store.
Yes, I can indeed deceide every morning to put on something new - what I want - but I will never wear something which has a value for myself.
Even if I wear the same jeans or the same shirt every now and then. It will never feel like "my shirt".
Never "my shirt" will smell like me. No one will ever ask me where I got this shirt.
I'll never be able to develop my own style and find my identity because this Big Shop always has everything,
and its never the way I would have my own closet.
In addition, I know myself. Maybe the tailored suggestions of the store would fit and I could wear that today.
These suggestions might suit me even. However, they also avoid access to things that I might also like, but don't fit my profile.
Avarice and greed smells bile...
In addition, streaming services are always equipped with banners, which try to tell me that I get a lot here for less money.
That sounds like "All You-Can-Eat". I don't get appetite in such eating temples, in which the guests get three times as much on their plates,
as they can probably eat...
I can't stand such oriented avarice and greed scenes. This is one of the reasons why I can't stay at a streaming platform for just one song.
I am happy to feel like "yesterday".
People who spend a lot of money for music are completely stupid, you might think.
Because: Imagine two neighboring and completely identical restaurants.
When a menu that costs 25 Dollars in that one restaurant.
And When others just pay a monthly fee of 10$ and can eat as much as they want.
Who would go to the 25$ Restaurant?
ME, for example. I pay very much for it to have to decide for something. So I pay somehow for a way of life.
I have the pleasure of a good album, physical or digital, to spend that money.
The product that I get, may be the same product that I also could have had for a much lower price or even free, but
the path to get to the product is a complete different and it will be a mystery to me, how people don't care about that way.
Yes, maybe I'm old news - but in this case I'm actually pretty happy.

Original article by : Gregi Sigrist
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