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It's such a busy day here at New Berlin. I feel like we're a real branch of the Credit Union.

Hey, I can finally take I-43 all the way home again. Whee.

In Japan, they call him "Annual Gift Man" and he lives on the Moon!

So I think that liberals who live in Waukesha County can smell my liberalness, and that's why everyone with a left-of-center political opinion likes talking politics to me at work.

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Now if only they can open a Milwaukee access tunnel...

Another holiday season, another annual rant about the Date Rape Christmas Song. Dude, she really can't stay. Her mother has started to worry, her father has been pacing the floor. And what, exactly, is in this drink, anyway?

I'm not your buddy, pal.

We discovered the best thing to do for a sick cat: Take it to the vet. This will not do anything directly, but it means the cat will immediately feel better, and her illness will run its course immediately after you spent $350 in vet fees.

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This is why I want to have kids.
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