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I have a special dinner planned for Thursday, but I can't decide what to cook

I think the following are my "good meals", i just need to pick one
Main Dish
Pork Schnitzel (with breadcrumbs or potato coating, stuffed or normal)
Beef Schnitzel (with breadcrumbs or potato coating, stuffed or normal)
Chicken Schnitzel (with breadcrumbs or potato coating, stuffed or normal)
Sauerbraten (takes 4 days... so this is out)
Roladen (rolled beef pot roast basically)
Stuffed Pancakes
Thick Cut Ribeye Steaks

Bratkartoffeln (German Roasted Potatoes or home fries)
Thick Cut Fries
(Un)Mashed Potatoes
Steamed Corn with a touch of spice (a German curry mixture, very light touch)
Steamed Green Beans with roasted garlic
Roasted Asparagus
Port Caramelized Onions
Sauteed Red Cabbage
Potato Dumplings (flavors were perfect last time, just need to make them smaller)
Pumpkin Spaetzle
Dill Gravy
Creamy Brown Gravy
Vegetable Gravy
Various Reductions and Sauces based on the main course

I am pretty sure i can make other things... and I enjoy making challenges. The gluten free challenge mad me try the potato crust, and the low card challenge had me try the red cabbage.

Just trying to decide what to cook on Thursday... will probably be feeding 9-10
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You guys eat a lot of German food. I think I might die. I worked in a German restaurant for awhile and that stuff is way too heavy for me except on very rare occasions.
We actually don't... i really only cook the big meals once a week, and that tends to be German... the normal day to day meals are what ever is on hand.
I guess I just see this stuff posted. :) Schnitzel is pretty tasty!
yea, i don't post the normal stuff ^_^... i do like schnitzel... and so many variations of it makes it very fun
Hey Quu, long time no chat. I am in love with Chicekn Jager Schnitzel, however its the "mushroom wine sauce" that really does it for me. Do you have a recipie for it? I think its also called "hunter sauce".

ps saurabraten is amazing :D
i don't like mushrooms much, so never really investigated one... should be easy... caramelize some onions and mushrooms until golden brown and delicious, add a cup of wine, reduce to a nice sauce
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