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Cameron Smith
Writer, traveler, adventurer!
Writer, traveler, adventurer!


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Adrian Hilder, one of my fellow authors from the Glimpses anthology, has recently interviewed me on his website. Check it out and learn more about my writing journey.

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Michelle has done a fantastic review on The Holtur Enigma. Check out her blog for many other great reviews.

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Bruny Island
With only a couple of hours driving south of Hobart, and you can find your way to the beautiful Bruny Island. The island is about 100ks long, with two distinct sections, north and south. They are connected by a long narrow sandy neck. Before
even coming to...

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First Impressions of Tasmania!
Crikey, I've been down
in Tassie for almost three months now! Time flies when you're having
fun! We've still been
exploring plenty, just haven't set the time aside for writing on the
blog. I've been writing plenty though, polishing off The HolturEnigma , fi...

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The monsters you fear are nothing compared to the ones you do not.

With the threat of a monstrous army arising, Vivian has set off towards the town of Holtur. His job is to conscript the toughest men he can find, in a location known for producing some of the best monster slayers around. The problem is that Holtur has its own issues, and helping this stranger is far from a priority.

Will Vivian convince the people of Holtur to help his cause? Or will he fall victim to the beasts, wyverns, or horrors that surround the town? It doesn't take long for him to discover that he was nowhere near prepared for this godforsaken land.

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Turning a Story into a Self Published Novel on Amazon
December became quite busy for Jeni and I, as did January, and the almost finished month of February! We travelled back to the east coast, and are now in Tasmania. We've decided to base ourselves in Queenstown for the year. I am working hard on the story fr...

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With its long sunsets, silica beaches, and the lovely Cape Le Grand National Park not too far away, Esperance truly is a picturesque part of Australia. If you are crossing the Nullabor, it may be the first, or last, big town you go through if you take the s...

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Sweet, Sweet, Denmark
Denmark is another of
those beautiful locations nestled on the south coast of Western
Australia. We went for a day trip, with the intention of checking out
Bartholomews Meadery, Boston Brewery, and scoping some of the
scenery, coming to the conclusion that ...

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A sunny weekend in Albany
Not long after arriving in Esperance, I started an evening job and have been working really hard on writing more on the Necrosanguin series during the day. Because of this I haven't been exploring this beautiful region as much as I could be, I also haven't ...

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Jilakin Lake and Buckley's Breakaway
Venturing through the Western Australian Weatbelt you will find yourself
coming across all sorts of salt lakes and granite outcrops. Not far east of Kulin, after cruising along the Tin Horse Highway , you can find yourself at the beautiful Jilakin Rock and...
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