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Substring using recursion

substring("", userinput, 0, userinput.length());

public static void substring(String fixed, String str, int step, int len) {

if (step < len) {

System.out.printf("%d :%s \n", ++counter, fixe...

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Mind bending performance by +Miyoko SHIDA 

I shake just watching this. She had me at the white feather.

Hat tip +Denis Labelle 


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Realistic Birds Made from Paper and Watercolor Paint by Johan Scherft

#firstfridayartwalk   #art  

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7 min video on the ♥Immortality♥ Project from site inspired also by the Kurzweil Immortality ideas:  The Dalai Lama supports this project, see his picture at  For more info on the Immortality Project, see this 25 min video: Kurzweil 2 min clip at the 2045 event:  Today with adult stem cells, science gives sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, walking to the paralyzed.  The Shapeshifting Teleporting Shimmering Immortals, living on energy without food, that the video talks about, may build planets too  :)  Whatever we can imagine, we will eventually be able to do.  It will be beyond belief for a 2012 human, just as 2012 tech makes us look like we are gods to isolated tribes.
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