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It's Been a Long, Long Time
I'm sorry to say but ReadAround Sue is retiring.  I am so busy with my business and upheavals in my personal life that I can no longer give this blog the attention it and my contributing authors deserve.  I notice there have been a lot of views lately so I ...

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Taking a Break
Summer is here and my cupcake business is in high gear with farmers' markets, weddings, graduations and birthdays!  If  you are an author that has submitted to me, don't worry I'll be back in September or October depending on another big event in my life.  ...

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Cry of the Sea by D. G. Driver
4.5 STARS Juniper Sawfeather’s parents are environmental
acitivists.  Most of the kids in her
school just think they are weird so June isn’t a popular girl.  Luckily she has one good friend, Haley, who
lives next door. When disaster strikes the coast and an...

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Shattered Rose by Tammy L. Gray
RATED 4 STARS Avery is in college and is trying to put her life back on
track and tackle her eating disorder.   She is sure she has everything under control as she heads to a new
apartment with new roommates. Then she meets Jake, her roommate’s cousin and i...

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Kate and the Kid by Anne Rothman Hicks and Kenneth Hicks
                     RATED 4.5 STARS Kate sees a little girl in the window of her apartment
building and it is the first step to a relationship that she never saw
coming.   Kate has lost her job, thinks
she may lose her boyfriend and worries about going on ...

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Mira's Hope: The Sword of Lumina Book 2 by Erin Elliot
 RATED 4.5 STARS When I met these characters in book 1, I liked them all and
nothing in this book made me like them any less.   The heroes are on the path to find the Sword
of Lumina and when we first meet them, they are on their last legs.  Tark and Elenio...

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KidzKorner: Summer Break?
I'm going on Summer Break and after today I won't be doing KidzKorner until after Labor Day.  Before I go though, I wanted to talk about Summer reading.  When I was a kid the library at school was open all summer for a summer reading program.  It was so coo...

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