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Great pic Kev!

Please vote... no prize other than the photo printed in a calendar.

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Should get a Juno imo 😁 Harperman

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Look up! Wayyyy up! Don't forget 😀
Have you ever seen a meteor shower? Well here’s your chance! The Perseid meteor shower will take place this week, and it’s expected to be one of the best in years! Tune in to our live NASA TV broadcast from 10 p.m. EDT Wednesday, Aug 12 to 2 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 13 to learn more:

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#Telus #Nexus6

Really Telus? If you have no stock just say so. What a ridiculous reason to not have it available.

You know it works just fine changing the system language to French-FR and it works! Guess I'll be trying out LTA+A on Rogers.

So silly Videotron is willing to sell it who's major demographic is French. So hard these days to have someone take my money.

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This is the one department of the government that SHOULD be spending all of it's budget. 

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Free phone contest if you're into that sort of thing. Veterans Affairs’ Facebook, Twitter campaign slammed as misleading.
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