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Corvette Racing Reveals Impressive Results

The Corvette C7.R performed to its fullest potential at Rolex 24 race in Daytona. While two Corvette Racing team cars were neck and neck, the C7.R effectively secured Corvette Racing's win at the 54th race in the GT Le Mans class.

The drivers of the No. 4 C7.4 and the No. 3 C7.R finished just milliseconds apart from each other at the finish line. These Corvettes raced for 2,570.32 miles—resulting in a whopping 722 laps. Due to the extremely tight finish, both vehicles made Rolex 24 history.

The Corvette Racing team is no stranger to victory at the track. This is the second time that Corvette Racing accomplished a 1-2 finish in the Rolex 24 race. The first time, the C5-R finished in first place and fourth place in 2001. However, the most recent victors were first-time drivers in the legendary Rolex 24. 

Corvette Racing has also achieved many other extraordinary feats at other races and competitions. The No. 4 Corvette C7.R was an accomplished vehicle at the Tequila Patrón North American Endurance Cup’s GTLM standings. In this competition, there were four long distance races. The No. 3 Corvette C7.R had the best performance times and most exceptional fuel efficiency, which is why it stood out for the DEKRA Green Award in the GTLM class.

If you want to feel like part of the Corvette Racing team, hop in one of the exceptional vehicles at Bill Kay Corvettes. Our knowledgeable staff will help you drive away in the perfect Corvette for you. Plus, we have many models that combine lightning-fast speeds with everyday appeal for the sport car enthusiast. For more information about our dealership, please visit our contact page:

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A Dream Come True: The Remote-Controlled Corvette

The kids who grew up loving the thrill of remote-controlled cars often moved on to an obsession with powerful sports cars as soon as their driver’s license was in hand. While most enthusiasts give up their toy car obsession, some bring it to a whole new level, and rightfully so. Today’s remote-control cars give realistic lessons in driving and can reach speeds that rival those of their full-size counterparts. One man has taken this obsession to the extreme with a remote-controlled C6 Corvette that will excite and entertain anyone who can relate with a little need for speed.


A YouTuber has engineered a system that allows his C6 Corvette to be controlled through a universal remote. This highly sophisticated software allegedly allows the C6 Corvette to be completely controlled through a simple remote and can supposedly work for other cars, too. The software engineering allows remote, driver-less control for the steering wheel, brakes, gear lever, and accelerator. The vehicle even performed a wicked burnout.

The Incredible C6 Corvette

Even without remote-control capabilities, the C6 Corvette aims to impress. Produced from 2005-2013, this generation brought back exposed headlamps for the first time since 1962. Its looks are not the only reason to love the C6. Originally featuring a 6.0L engine, the powertrain was bumped up to a 6.2L engine that generates 430 hp and 424 lb-ft of torque.

Get in on the C6 Corvette Action

While you may not be able to get behind the buttons of the remote-controlled Corvette, you absolutely can get behind the wheel of a mighty C6 Corvette—and that’s even better, don’t you think? Contact us today and start living your automotive fantasies:

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Is an Electric Corvette on its Way?

Electric cars are popular picks for fuel efficiency. With Chevrolet’s current technology for electric vehicles, it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if an electric Corvette hit the roads in the future. While there is no official word, there have been subtle hints that point to a possible electric sports car. 

The E-Ray Patent

The "Corvette E-Ray" and "E-Ray" have recently been patent protected, which raises many eyebrows and sparks curiosity. General motors has excellent current technology that boosts power, e-miles and fuel economy, so why can’t it be applied to a Corvette? It is likely with the E-Ray Patent that GM is working toward a hybrid or completely electric Corvette that brings a beautiful harmony of premium horsepower and fuel friendly ratings.

How its been Hinted 

GM product chief, Mark Reuss, discussed the possibility of an electric Corvette. Many competitive sport-tuned vehicles are made with hybrid powertrains. Chevrolet’s current technology could take an iconic model to energy efficient levels. Not to worry for classic Corvette fans, however. The system would keep the well-known Corvette V8 power.

See a Corvette Today

While speculation surrounds an electric Corvette, it still needs official word. An electric vehicle would keep the iconic car competitive in a fuel-friendly and eco-friendly conscious car market. It would be exciting to see Corvette make new strides for performance. In the meantime, come see and test drive a current or classic Corvette model that is ready to take home from our dealership today. Message us online to find out more about our dealership. Be sure to keep up with us for the latest in Corvette updates.

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New Corvette Colors are Coming Around the Bend

As they say goodbye to some old hues, C7 Corvette fans will soon have some new colors to choose from in 2016. What can we expect for the upcoming model year? 

Out With the Old

Updates are forthcoming from Chevrolet for the 2016 model year that will affect the C7 Corvette Stingray and the C7 Corvette Z06. The change will particularly affect the most immediately noticeable exterior feature on these machines: their color.

According to information from Corvette Blogger, the colors Night Race Blue and Daytona Sunrise Orange will soon drive off into the sunset, with their replacement colors yet to be announced.

November 12, 2015 was the last day drivers could order a 2016 C7 in Night Race Blue. Corvette shoppers still have a little more time before Daytona Sunrise Orange bites the dust – but not much. Daytona Sunrise Orange will perform a vanishing act on December 17, 2015.

Night Race Blue will rev into the happy hunting grounds by the end of December, with Daytona Sunrise Orange following close behind sometime in January.

Hues to Choose

Other colors currently available in the 2016 C7 lineup include:

      - Black

      - Arctic White

      - Torch Red

      - Blade Silver Metallic

      - Shark Gray Metallic

      - Laguna Blue Tintcoat

      - Long Beach Red Metallic

      - Corvette Racing Yellow Tintcoat

Muscles Flexed

The muscular Stingray model comes in coupe and convertible options, boasting a meld of intriguing design and racing accoutrements. The resulting exterior look is aerodynamic and bold in the extreme.

Also available in both coupe and convertible models, the Z06 is the first 650 hp supercar to boast that attribute – also being the first to be available with either an automatic or manual transmission. It boasts exterior elements that are fundamentally functional for enhanced grip, air flow, aerodynamics, and general track performance. Race-ready design features of the Z06 include:

      - Wider wheels and tires

      - Large vents

      - Widened rear and front

      - Standard Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP summer-only tires 

Time to Rev Up

Contact Bill Kay Corvettes & Classics or come in today to explore and test drive our inventory of 2016 C7 Corvette models as well as our vast collection of classic cars. It’s time to feel the power beneath the hood!

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A Generous Donation Puts a Rare Corvette in Safe Keeping at the National Corvette Museum

When the National Corvette Museum called out for help, an Illinois couple answered with a very generous response, letting go of an absolute treasure as they did so.

The museum sent out a notice that it was seeking a 35th anniversary 1988 C4 Corvette to become part of an ongoing display of mint-condition automobiles. Rick and Deb Seymour of Champaign, Illinois, nobly responded, electing to give up their much-loved, factory condition C4 Corvette for the cause.

A Pristine Machine

The National Corvette Museum lucked out, receiving a model that is still in true factory condition nearly 30 years after it first rolled off the assembly line.

The Seymours bought the car when it was new in 1988. The vehicle has only 380 miles on its odometer, has never been washed with hose water, and was never touched by bare human hand (occupants were always gloved to keep oils off the interior).

The Seymours had actually willed the vehicle to go to the museum someday, but after reading about the search for the rarity they happened to be housing, the couple decided to part with their prize much sooner than they’d planned.

The decision was an emotional one, considering the time and care the couple has invested in their vehicle over the decades. But this piece of automobile history couldn’t be in safer hands, and it will be housed hereafter in the newly completed Sky Dome.

Shop the Classics

Explore a collection of vintage models available for purchase at Bill Kay Corvettes & Classics in Downers Grove. From 1930s vehicles all the way to present-day models, drivers will discover rare classics old and new at Bill Kay Corvettes & Classics. Contact us or come in to view our inventory and test drive these amazing models today.

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Bill Kay Corvettes Presents: Corvette Tech Tips You Should Know

A Corvette is a precious sports car that deserves excellent care and maintenance. Here at Bill Kay Corvettes, we have a few tech tips that you can follow to give your Corvette an incredible boost.

Compression Ratio Tips

If you are looking for a higher compression ratio, keep in mind that it needs higher-octane fuel. More spark advance, lower humidity, higher altitude, and leaning of the air to fuel ratio all depend on higher-octane fuel.

Torque and Spark Plugs

Torque and your Corvette’s spark plug go hand-in-hand because the spark plug transfers heat from the combustion chamber. If a sparkplug is under-torqued, then it will not be completely connected to the cylinder head, thus causing slowed heat transfer. Combustion-chamber temperatures will cause serious engine damage. At the same time, an over-torqued spark plug strains the metal shell, which distorts the spark plug's inner gas seals. It can also fracture the spark plug's insulator. 

When installing a spark plug, clean the holes prior to installation; dirt and debris will under-torque your spark plug. Also, install spark plugs in a cool engine to prevent unnecessary expansion.

Battery Care

Have a Corvette stored in a garage for months at a time? We recommend you disconnect the battery to reduce the discharge. You can also charge the battery once every two to four weeks. If the battery is stored and disconnected, then a charge every month will stop self-discharge from killing the battery. 

Service Your Vehicle at Bill Kay Corvettes

If you wish for a professional to work on your Corvette, then our service department is here to help. We have several staffed Corvette Master Technicians that will bring your Corvette to its top-tier performance level. To schedule your appointment with us, contact us through our appointment form:

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Saving a Legacy: The One Millionth Corvette is Restored

After an unfortunate sinkhole disaster at the National Corvette Museum on February 12, 2014 that ruined several rare Corvettes, Chevrolet was recently able to restore another model—the 1 Millionth Corvette produced.

The Restoration Process
Bringing the white 1992 convertible back to its legendary beauty took over four months and 1,200 craftsmanship hours from 30 technicians and craftspeople. Restoring the Corvette meant not only bringing the car back to its prime appearance, but preserving the 30 signatures of the Bowling Green Assembly workers who built the car was also important.

Two components of the Corvette with signatures could not be saved, so the craftspeople scanned the signatures and transferred them to replacement parts. One signature by worker Angela Lamb could not be saved or scanned accurately. Chevy worked with the National Corvette Museum to have the replacement part resigned by Lamb. Instead of replacing the rear fascia and front exhaust system, the team repaired them because they were covered in signatures. The soft cover on the instrument panel was also saved to preserve the employee-signed structure beneath it.

Other parts replaced were the hood, ancillary supporting components, and front fascia and the lower panels between the front wheels and doors. Replacement parts came from a model of the same color and era to validate authenticity. Luckily, the 5.7L LT1 engine, transmission, and other drivetrain components were damage-free.

To top off the authenticity of the 1,000,000th Corvette, the team used the same computer graphic file used for the original “1,000,000th” windshield banner to create a new identical one.

Experience the Legacy of Corvette at Bill Kay Corvettes
Our team is ready to introduce you to our various Corvette models with incredible performance and luxury features. Find your dream Corvette with us today, and stop by for an exciting test drive!

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Corvette Enthusiasts Unite: Chicago Corvette Club

The Chicago Corvette Club was founded in 1958 and is one of the oldest Corvette clubs in the United States. This historical group is based in the western Chicago suburbs. Corvette owners are welcome to attend events hosted by the Chicago Corvette Club around the Chicagoland area.

The Chicago Corvette Club was created for Corvette owners to enjoy, drive, display, and race Corvettes. Originally, the club began with only 22 members. The founding member, Keith Lais, was a Corvette owner and salesman at Ferrell Hicks Chevrolet. Lais was able to gather interest for the group through newspaper advertisements, his friends, acquaintances, and customers. Today, the club has grown to over 140 members. 

Chicago Corvette Club Events

Since June 28, 1958, the club has held popular Corvette themed events for the Chicagoland community. Members can participate in competitions and races year-round, along with seasonal road trips and tours. Car shows are a main part of the club, allowing members to show off their prized Corvettes. In the past, car show events have been held at prominent locations such as Lake Geneva’s Playboy Club and Gurnee’s Great America. 

The group also partakes in Chicagoland charity events. They enjoy helping and supporting friends at organizations like:

      - American Red Cross
      - American Cancer Society
      - Marklund Children's Home.
      - Salvation Army
      - Shriners Children’s Hospital in Chicago
      - West Chicago Police Children's Fund
      - Westwood Resource Center

Find Your Corvette at Bill Kay Corvettes

Thinking of joining the Chicago Corvette Club? Whether you are buying your first Corvette or sprucing up your current model, visit Bill Kay Corvettes in Downers Grove for your classic car needs. We will help you find your perfect Corvette at a competitive price. View our inventory online before coming to see us:

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GM Files for Manta Ray Trademark

GM, maker of the famous Corvette, recently filed a trademark for the terms “Corvette Manta Ray” and “Manta Ray.” The application for the trademark of “Manta Ray” will be for vehicles, engines, and structural parts. This could mean big news from GM, and it is creating a lot of buzz in the Corvette community.

Trademark Speculations

The Manta Ray is speculated to be a mid-level performance car that is a combination of the classic Stingray, the rumored mid-engine Corvette, and the popular Z06. Fans are hoping that the Manta Ray trademark could mean a mid-engine Corvette is on its way to Chevy showrooms. 

Another possibility being considered is that the Manta Ray will be a traditional front-engine design with mid-level performance. It would have a refined aerodynamic design and deliver between 460 and 650 hp. 

The Significance of the ‘Manta Ray’

The “Manta Ray” name may be significant to GM because of the Manta Ray Corvette Concept design from 1969. The concept included an aluminum 427 cubic inch V8 engine that delivered incredible performance. It would have a unique look with sharp striking features. GM may be evoking a retro Corvette design with the Manta Ray, or it could be a collection of the best Corvette features to date. Right now, there isn’t much information available, especially because GM is focusing on the release of the 2016 Camaro. However, since the C7 has been a popular choice for Corvette owners, GM could make a move while C7 sales are high. 

Browse our Inventory at Bill Kay Corvettes

Come to Bill Kay Corvettes to see legendary and popular Corvette models. Our team is standing by to help you drive away in your dream Corvette. View our inventory online 24/7:

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Tragedy Turns to Opportunity: The Thunderdome Corvette Museum Sinkhole Attraction is Coming Soon

A cruel twist at the hands of nature turned into a unique opportunity for the National Corvette Museum this past year. When a sinkhole developed overnight in the museum’s Skydome and swallowed up several valuable classic Corvettes, the decision was made to make the best of it and develop a unique Corvette Museum sinkhole attraction for the public.

The Thunderdome is a High-Octane Tech Triumph

The planned sinkhole attraction will be a recreation of the sinkhole’s formation. In an artificial underground cave—not the actual sinkhole for cost reasons—groups of 15 visitors at a time will be surrounded by high-tech digital imagery and thundering surround sound of a reimagining of the sinkhole incident. The attraction is set to open by the fall season of 2015 and is sure to provide a totally unique experience for visitors.

The Corvette Museum’s Sinkhole

The incident started when a nearly 30-foot deep sinkhole formed overnight in the middle of an exhibit at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY in early 2014. By the time motion sensors had alerted security staff, it was too late—the chasm had already swallowed up eight of the priceless collectible Corvettes, including two on loan from General Motors. The vehicles that met their untimely demise were the millionth Corvettes made, a 1993 ZR-1 Spyder, a 1962 Corvette, a 2009 ZR-1 Blue Devil, a 2001 Mallett Hammer Z06, the 1,500,000th Corvette ever produced, and the last remaining 1983 Corvette.

Get a Piece of History in Your Garage

Whether you make the trip to the National Corvette Museum’s exciting Thunderdome exhibit or not, you can experience the rich history and stunning performance in every classic Corvette at Bill Kay Corvettes. Contact us today to schedule a showing or test drive with one of our many beautiful Corvettes:

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