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Victor Alarcon

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Using Chrome? Set "Check for server certificate revocation" to mitigate 'Heartbleed' issues.

Turns out Chrome users are vulnerable to revoked server certificates. Go into Settings>Advanced settings and make this change.
Read more here:
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Victor Alarcon

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5 Reasons Graphene Will Change Gadgets Forever

1. It is 200 times stronger than steel.

2. Flexible like rubber, stretches 20 percent.

3. Thinnest devices, can stretch 28 football fields.

4. Batteries could last a week on a 15 minute charge.

5. Could interact with your biological systems.

5 Reasons Graphene Will Change Your Gadgets Forever, at NBCNews

A comprehensive explanation of Graphene

Graphene is the world’s thinnest, strongest, stiffest material and is semi-conducting, with over 3,000 research papers published has given a new light to what new technology can accomplish.

#Graphene #Technology  
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Victor Alarcon

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This pocket sized printer moves its way along the paper as it prints.

How badly do you want it?
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Victor Alarcon

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Victor Alarcon

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I don't know if this is a real sport, but if it isn't it needs to be! #Reddit  
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Victor Alarcon

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Will this amazing tech invented by MIT be the future of teleportation?
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Beyond The Double Split 

i have been reading some more feymans fine works 

Observing which slit a photon or particle goes through in the two slit experiment results in the formation of a diffraction pattern instead of an interference pattern. See video he made for the bbc whilst living in Yorkshire.

Feyman said; 

We choose to examine a phenomenon which is impossible, absolutely impossible, to explain in any classical way, and which has in it the heart of quantum mechanics. In reality, it contains the only mystery. We cannot make the mystery go away by “explaining” how it works. We will just tell you how it works. In telling you how it works we will have told you about the basic peculiarities of all quantum mechanics."

Today we Feynman's argument was inaccurate. Non-relativistic quantum phenomena can be explained in a somewhat "classical way" with Bohmian mechanics. It is still being researched whether a Bohmian viewpoint is satisfactory for relativistic quantum mechanics. 

However, Bohmian trajectories are not the same as classical Hamiltonian trajectories. More importantly, Bohmian mechanics is nonlocal, and is "non-classical" or "mysterious" in that sense. So it is not so much that Bohmian mechanics is an entirely "classical way" of explaining quantum mechanics, since it is nonlocal. Rather, the double slit experiment doesn't demonstrate a violation of the Bell inequality, and so it doesn't force nonlocality on us.

The violation of the Bell inequality by quantum mechanics requires two ingredients: non-commuting observables and entanglement.

Feynman's point was probably about non-commuting observables, ie. position and momentum cannot be simultaneously well-defined. So Feynman got one of the ingredients needed for encapsulating the mystery. He didn't get the second ingredient of entanglement, so most people nowadays would say that the double slit is not the "only" mystery.
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Victor Alarcon

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Very cool. A colorized photo of president Lincoln from 1862 sitting with General McClellan (probably telling him to quit procrastinating and get moving already) Fun Fact: The U.S. Mint used this photo of Lincoln for the profile image that you'll see on that penny in your pocket.

#AbrahamLincoln   #USMint   #USHistory  
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Victor Alarcon

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I live for today, but am always working hard to ensure tomorrow will be even better. I dislike negativity and followers. Excuses and poor attitudes are easy ways out and no way to live. Have your own opinion, even if it's wrong. Believe in yourself and don't be dependent on others for your happiness. So, have fun, smile, be respectful to others, and be your own person. I enjoy hanging out with friends on weekends. I want to eventually live on the beach. My life is my work. I am self employed and love both the freedom and challenges that come with the job.
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