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Howard Sambol

One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is believing that people want their products or services. They don't. People only buy solutions to a problem.

This is why it is so critical for new business owners to see their product or service as a solution to a specific problem and to know the nature of that problem intimately in the manner in which your prospective client speaks about and FEELS about it.

When you've succeeded in doing this, you have a clear market niche which is the foundation of all your marketing efforts. I wrote a blog post to help with this. You can read it at All comments appreciated.

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Hi Everyone:

I assist people in crafting a business that is ideally suited to them, i.e. one that combines their gifts and passions and is aligned to their life purpose.

Once you are truly clear on what you want to do, I guide you to identify your all important market niche so you're able to attract your ideal client,s, the people who specifically want and need what you have to offer.

Lastly, we help you with marketing and sales so you make money doing what you love to do.

The program is called Career Crafting and our website is . For a limited time, we're offering our initial strategy session at no cost. Just click on the Strategy Session link on the home page. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Howard Sambol
Director, Career Crafting
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