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Konstantin Lamanov
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Join the world-renowned theoretical physicist and author of THE FUTURE OF THE MIND for a rare video chat, this Friday March 14, 11:30AM EST.

Submit your questions in the following form for a chance to join Dr. Michio Kaku in the Hangout!
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Random House Books. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Hangout with Dr Michio Kaku
Fri, March 14, 11:30 AM
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Thank you +Konstantin Lamanov,  for reminds about this so on top, educational, inspirational, and delightful conversation.
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Konstantin Lamanov

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True at First Light.
Using the Hemingway Tool for Better Web Writing

Yesterday I shared the new Hemingway web app, a tool that purportedly will help improve the readability of your writing. See it at My share blew up, resulting in hundreds of reshares across Google+. Obviously this tool speaks to a deep-felt need.

You use the free Hemingway tool by clicking "Write," copying and pasting in a piece of your writing, and clicking "Edit." Hemingway gives a grade level readability score, and highlights "errors" in several categories:

<> Hard to read (i.e., complex) sentences
<> Passive voice
<> Adverbs (where it amusingly often suggest using "0 or fewer." Anyone have any negative adverbs I can borrow?)
<> Big words and verbose phrases

In some of the comment threads about Hemingway yesterday there were criticisms of the tool as well. Some experienced writers think that its suggestions are too simplistic. Others worry that it will cause writers to "dumb down" their writing, turning everything into banal sales-pitch-level writing.

I agree with those concerns. And so this former English teacher will endeavor to make some suggestions on how to use this tool effectively. 

1. It's Not HemingWAY or the Highway
The "errors" highlighted by Hemingway should be taken as suggestions, not hard and fast rules. The Pirate Code applies here ;-) Don't feel that you need to change everything Hemingway highlights. Always use your own judgment. If you carefully observe the writing of talented writers you like, you'll see they break these rules all the time, but they do so sparingly, and always in the interest of style, which should not be sacrificed to mere correctness. (Whew! That was one complex sentence. Sorry Hemingway!)

2. Ya Wanna Mix It Up?
Good writers vary their style. The best writing doesn't eliminate all the things highlighted by Hemingway; it uses them judiciously. That this is actually the intention of the tool is shown by its often adding suggestions like "Aim for 2 or fewer."). Avoid extremes. For example, a piece of copy with only simple sentences tends to sound "dumber," and read like ad copy (and is usually appropriate for ad copy). But too many complex sentences within a short space bogs down the reader and can be fatiguing. Aim for a good variety between simple and complex sentences.

3. Getting Passive-Aggressive
Passive voice is one of those grammar bugaboos that used to make grey-haired English teachers frown at you over their half-glasses. Or should I say "passive voice has been frowned upon"? ;-) That phrase in quotes is an example of passive voice. Passive voice occurs when the sentence has an unstated subject combined with a form of the verb "to be." It is considered weak because it is not clear who or what is performing the action. However, there are times when passive voice is preferable to the alternative, particularly if trying to make the sentence active voice results in an awkward sentence. Also, passive voice can be useful when the subject is indeed unknown or indeterminate. 

4. Lolly, Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here
Why does Hemingway really, powerfully, strongly, very, very much hate adverbs? It doesn't, actually. And neither should you. But as with the other items above, it is best to use adverbs sparingly. Otherwise they really, really can lose their power to add strength and precision to the verbs they modify.

5. You Keep Using Those Big Words, But I Do Not Think You Know What They Mean
Multi-syllabic words are not evil in and of themselves. But it is good to ask yourself if there is a simpler word you could use that conveys the same meaning. Why make your audience work harder to understand? Don't obfuscate (or should I say, don't be unclear ;-). Same thing with some phrases. Some longer phrases can be replaced with a single word that means the same thing. 

I hope those tips are helpful. I welcome any other suggestions or disagreements in the comments!
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Happy Valentine's Day +Giselle Minoli it is great to have someone to love isn't it?
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Konstantin Lamanov

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+Alexander Chipliev Привет, Саша! Та я постоянно здесь. Просто больше на страницах.)
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Konstantin Lamanov

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As well, as possible in such situation. Thanks, +Thielen MaCa;) 
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Konstantin Lamanov

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out of my imagination
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Konstantin Lamanov

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eng • rus • ukr |

Ukrainian Сrisis Media Center is launched to inform the international community about events in Ukraine

Kyiv, March, 4th, 2014 – Ukrainian Crisis Media Center is launched to provide the international community with objective information about events in Ukraine and threats to national security, particularly in the military, political, economic, energy and humanitarian spheres. During this crisis period, the Center, on a 24/7 basis, will provide support to all the media who cover events in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Crisis Media Center was founded by leading Ukrainian experts in the fields of international relations, communications and public relations, who agreed to volunteer their experience and time to help Ukraine amplify its voice in the global dialogue around the recent developments.

The Center will function as a public platform for Ukrainian authorities, experts, representatives of international organizations and diplomatic corps to share day-to-day updates and analysis of the situation in the country.

For more information please visit and follow us on,, 

Center was founded and operates with the support of experts, including:

Valeriy Chaly, Razumkov Centre, Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine (2009-2010)
Ivanna Klympush-Tsyntsadze, Yalta European Strategy, Director
Natalia Popovych, PRP, President
Natalia Olbert-Sinko, PRP in Ukraine, Executive Director
Yaryna Klyuchkovska, independent communications consultant
Gennadiy Kurochka, CFC, Founder and Managing Partner
Vasyl Myroshnychenko, CFC, Partner
Alina Frolova, R.A.M. 360, СEO
Volodymyr Degtyaryov, NewsFront PR Agency, Director
Ivetta Delikatnaya, AGL, Director of Development
Maxim Savanevskyi, PlusOne DA, Managing Partner 
Andriy Zagorodskiy, Newsplot, Director

Для информирования мирового сообщества о событиях в Украине начал работу Украинский кризисный медиа-центр

Киев, 4 марта 2014 года – Начинает работу украинский кризисный медиа-центр. Задача Центра – предоставлять мировому сообществу объективную информацию о событиях в Украине, вызовах и угрозах национальной безопасности, в частности, в военной, политической, экономической, энергетической и гуманитарной сферах. В этот кризисный период Центр будет работать в круглосуточном режиме и оказывать поддержку всем представителям средств массовой информации, которые освещают события в Украине.

Украинский кризисный медиа-центр создан усилиями ведущих украинских экспертов в области международных отношений, коммуникаций и связей с общественностью, которые согласились бесплатно предоставлять свой опыт и время для того, чтобы помочь Украине получить мощный голос в глобальном диалоге вокруг последних событий.

Центр будет выполнять функцию публичной площадки для выступлений представителей украинской власти, экспертов, представителей международных организаций и дипломатического корпуса с оперативными заявлениями и анализом ситуации в стране.

Узнайте больше на сайте Центра, а также в социальных сетях,, 

Центр создан и функционирует при поддержке следующих экспертов:

Валерий Чалый, Центр Разумкова, заместитель Министра иностранных дел Украины (2009-2010)
Иванна Климпуш-Цинцадзе, Ялтинская Европейская Стратегия, директор
Наталья Попович, PRP, президент
Наталья Ольберт-Синько, PRP в Украине, исполнительный директор 
Ярына Ключковская, независимый консультант по коммуникациям
Геннадий Курочка, CFC Consulting, основатель и управляющий партнер
Василий Мирошниченко, CFC Consulting, партнер 
Алина Фролова, R.A.M. 360, СEO
Владимир Дегтярев, NewsFront PR Agency, директор
Иветта Деликатная, AGL, директор по развитию
Максим Саваневский, PlusOne DA, управляющий партнер
Андрей Загородский, Newsplot, директор

Для інформування світової спільноти про події в Україні запрацював Український кризовий медіа-центр

Київ, 4 березня 2014 року – починає роботу Український кризовий медіа-центр. Завдання Центру – надавати світовій спільноті об’єктивну інформацію про події в Україні, виклики та загрози національній безпеці, зокрема у воєнній, політичній, економічній, енергетичній, гуманітарній сферах. У цей кризовий період Центр працюватиме в цілодобовому режимі та надаватиме підтримку всім представникам засобів масової інформації, які висвітлюють події в Україні.

Український кризовий медіа-центр створено зусиллями провідних українських експертів в царині міжнародних відносин, комунікацій та зв’язків із громадськістю, які погодилися безоплатно надавати свій досвід і час для того, щоб допомогти Україні отримати сильний голос у глобальному діалозі навколо останніх подій. 

Центр виконуватиме функцію публічного майданчика для виступів представників української влади, експертів, представників міжнародних організацій та дипломатичного корпусу з оперативними заявами та аналізом ситуації в країні. 

Дізнайтеся більше на сайті Центру, а також у соціальних мережах,, 

Центр створено і функціонує за підтримки таких експертів:
Валерій Чалий, Центр Разумкова, заступник Міністра закордонних справ України (2009-2010)
Іванна Климпуш-Цинцадзе, Ялтинська Європейська Стратегія, директор
Наталя Попович, PRP, президент
Наталя Ольберт-Сінько, PRP в Україні, виконавчий директор 
Ярина Ключковська, незалежний консультант з комунікацій 
Геннадій Курочка, CFC Consulting, засновник та керівний партнер
Василь Мірошниченко, CFC Сonsulting, партнер
Аліна Фролова, R.A.M. 360, СEO
Володимир Дегтярьов, NewsFront PR Agency, директор
Іветта Делікатна, AGL, директор з розвитку 
Максим Саваневський, PlusOne DA, керуючий партнер
Андрій Загородський, Newsplot, директор
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Cool. I tend to avoid main stream media just because it is manipulated by interests party. But thanks I'll look it over. When you can, give me your opinion of what you think it should be done. Take care.
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Konstantin Lamanov

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I am eating donut, therefore i exist. ;)
For the over-educated and well-read among you :)
Feel free to add any they missed!
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This list needs 21st century philosophers social media:
Facebook: I ate a donut today
Instagram: Here is a faded sepia colored donut that I ate today
Google+: There are donuts in ghost town
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Konstantin Lamanov

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A train! ;)
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che carina!!!
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Bob Marley - Legend
01. Is This Love (00:00)
02. No Woman No Cry (04:00)
03. Could You Be Loved (11:19)
04. Three Little Birds (15:21)
05. Buffalo Soldier (18:27)
06. Get Up, Stand Up (22:52)
07. Stir It Up (26:15)
08. One Love (32:00)
09. I shot The Sheriff (34:56)
10. Waiting In Vain (39:48)
11. Redemption Song (44:10)
12. Satisfy My Soul (48:06)
13. Exodus (52:46)
14. Jammin' (1:00:37) jah bless!
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