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Indulge me
So, some time back around 2011 I wrote a piece for a Minutes to Midnight , a collection of essays about Watchmen , the Alan Moore/Dave Gibbons graphic novel (actually a set of serialized comics), which ranks up there with Maus and The Dark Knight Returns as...

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Have a Compassionate Fourth
So, I wanted to say something this Independence Day. The current political scene is fraught with the problematical nature of patriotic displays, which seem to have been co-opted by those willing to see our putative democracy slide from oligarchy into downri...

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Auto adjust
So, the other day, the inside driver's door handle on my little Smart Car broke,. I was, of course, attempting to exit the car when the failure occurred. The flap-like lever that I pulled made a little "pop" and the cable it was pulling no longer seemed to ...

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Well, that sure took a while...
Since August 7, 2014, in fact... but the adaptation of JLA #200 continues.   (I skipped the two-page spread of the headquarters...)

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Science Fiction by Gaslight: Episode 4
Title: "The Tilting Island" Author: Thomas J. Vuvuan and  Grena J. Bennett Published in: Everybody's Magazine September 1909 Category: Catastrophes Summary: A reporter and a professor traverse Manhattan during the island's destruction by a massive earthquak...

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Science Fiction by Gaslight: Episode 3
Title: "A Corner in Lightning" Author: George Griffith Published in: Pearson's Magazine March 1898 Category: Catastrophes Summary: To get even richer, a wealthy businessman implements a scheme to control all electricity on Earth, with disastrous consequence...

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Science Fiction by Gaslight: Episode 2
Title: "The Doom of London" Author: Robert Barr Published in: The Idler November 1892 Category: Catastrophes Summary: A London office worker struggles to survive a lethal fog with the aid of an American inventor's new device. Protagonist: White male "confid...

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Science Fiction by Gaslight: Episode 1
Title: "The Thames Valley Catastrophe" Author: Grant Allen Published in: The Strand Magazine December 1987 Category: Catastrophes (duh) Summary: A Londoner on a cycling vacation races home to secure the safety of his family as a huge basalt lava flow from a...

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Science Fiction by Gaslight: Preview Episode
So, in a recent post on Epicurus in Exile, I mentioned rediscovering the book Science Fiction by Gaslight: A History and Anthology of Science Fiction in the Popular Magazines, 1891-1911 ,
edited and with an Introduction by Sam Moskowitz. It is my intention...

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Blog fog
So, I had had high hopes for blogging this year, here and on Thark , and even on TNG .
I have a science fiction anthology I was going to blog my way through,
some Hawaiian comics I need to review, an obscure 70s TV movie to
reminisce about, a restaurant ...
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