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Dipesh Kumar
A story teller, who is telling a story of this life.
A story teller, who is telling a story of this life.

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The India Trip
Day 2 ;) #Delhi

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Now coming to more Android phones — your own helpful #GoogleAssistant, right in your pocket → #MWC2017
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The Google I/O 2017 Experiments Challenge is open! Enter your Android, Chrome, or AI experiment and win a trip to Google I/O 2017

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The latest crop of newly discovered Earth-size planets orbit a red dwarf star and could be anything from chunks of rock blasted by radiation to cloud-covered worlds as boiling hot as Venus. Or, maybe they teem with exotic lifeforms, thriving under skies of ruddy twilight. We're studying them to find out. Learn more:

My internet connection is slower than the ADSL

#ClassicTech What have they done to their system?


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Save your Date for the first #TFdevsummit at your city

Feb 18, simultaneously from #Kathmandu  & #Biratnagar  
We're thrilled to announce that Google is hosting the very first TensorFlow Dev Summit which will take place on February 15th, 2017 - 10:00 AM PST(6:00 PM GMT+0) in Mountain View, California. GDG Birgunj's Extended Event will take place at Kathmandu (up to 50 seats) and with a potentially speakers and post streaming season.....

Organized By: GDG Birgunj
Supported By: GDG Kathmandu

Sponsored By: Google
Facilitated By: Api Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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