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i am trying to understand this code

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iPhone Bluetooth Objective - C Programming
Using Xcode, create a new View-based Application project and name it as Bluetooth. All the various APIs for accessing the Bluetooth is located in the GameKit framework. Hence, you need to add this framework to your project. Add a new Framework to the projec...

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Steps to follow to submitting iPhone/iPad Apps To The Apple App Store
Step 1: Certificate is an essential element to submit or test an application on iPhone. It comes with code sign(Signatures) which would verified when an application is submitted on apple store or when tested on iPhone. One can bypass these if an application...

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you should know what is the use of @property.
  @property offers a way to define the information that a class is intended to encapsulate. If you declare an object/variable using @property , then that object/variable will be accessible to other classes importing its class.   If you declare an object usi...

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Filtering a NSArray using NSPredicate
In this post, i'll walk you through how to filter an NSArray using NSPredicates.  The first thing you'll need to decide is if you're filtering a number or a string. For strings, you can use any of the following filters: (NOTE: must be all caps) BEGINSWITH E...

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what is appDelegate?
The  AppDelegate  is sort of like the entry point for your application.  It implements  UIApplicationDelegate  and contains methods that are called when your application launches, when is going to the background (i.e. when you hit the home key), when it’s o...
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