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Moving Towards Christ's Peace Through My Story-Your Story
Moving Towards Christ's Peace Through My Story-Your Story

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Day 21 of Writing It Out
Today I found myself of service in a way that was surprising. I didn't get the news I expected, but I had joy. Why? Because I found that I was able to smile and sing, bringing joy. When I noticed the joy I brought, regardless of the outcome, I was pleased. ...

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Day 20 of Writing It Out
Today, Palm Sunday, found me at Faith Community MB Church preaching. Using the scripture Mathew 21:1-11, my sermon title was   Who You Shoutin' About?   When I started preparing this sermon, I couldn’t get pass, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he w...

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Day 19 of Writing It Out
A good friend (Julie W.) and I facilitated a Women's Retreat: Rest, Reflect, Restore this past weekend. Many of the women left that retreat FILLED with the Holy Spirit. Me? I too was FILLED with God. I really needed this retreat. It helped me slow down and ...

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Day 18 of Writing It Out
Last week I had a busy week. I preached my first Parish Mission at St. Benedict's/St. Andrews. I am honored to have been given the opportunity to share my love of God with new family. What a GREAT! group. When we follow God, we discover joy, unspeakable joy...

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Day 17 of Writing It Out
The comfort I am seeking, I must give. The support I am seeking, I must give. The understanding I am seeking, I must give. That which was a burden, I now see as an opportunity to give. When that realization rested on me, gift from the Holy Spirit, I was set...

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Day 16 of Writing It Out
Well, that I have admitted to my fear, it's time to put a strategy in place to overcome it. Oops, I put a strategy in place before I admitted a fear. The Holy Spirit has me "writing it out" for Lent. Look at God!!! Handling things before we recognize...

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Day 15 of Writing It Out
Pastor Phil Ressler's  40 Things NOT to Give up for Lent:19.New Experiences  asks the following reflection question: "What new experience have you been putting off out of ...

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Day 14 of Writing It Out
My Cups Runs Over with BLESSINGS from God.  No matter what is happening in my life, I know that with God I am still in good shape. No matter how I view the day, situation, or circumstance, God keeps filling my cup. So much so, that I must sing God's praise....

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Day 13 of Writing It Out
I return to my father's church this Sunday to preach for the first time in about 5 months. In addition to listening to the Holy Spirit while I preach, I will be looking to hear from my dad. What will that be like? Hearing from angel dad and the Holy Spirit?...

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Day 12 of Writing It Out
Pastor Phil Ressler of  wrote today about FOCUS. Do I need to focus? Am I all over the place, completing bites and pieces of things? YES!! I appreciated the challenge to do ONE thing for 45 ...
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