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Tony Bird
World traveler, polyglot, goofball--a jackass of all trades
World traveler, polyglot, goofball--a jackass of all trades

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Now that Thanksgiving is over, it's time to start thinking about the next big holiday: Saturnalia!
New Blog: Forget stupid commercialized Christmas!  Let's get ready for Saturnalia!

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You may recall that I used to write for a blog called Insatiable Booksluts. Well, after sitting out for about a year, Susie, the editor-in-chief, is bringing it back with most of the old contributors (including yours truly) and some new ones as well. I've been told that Friday will be the big day, so mark your calendars! 

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I was unfortunately unable to get a hold of the subject of this post so I could get a pic to use and show everyone how good looking she was. Still it was a fun night, so I hope you enjoy reading about it.

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I've been overhauling my life, so now maybe it's time to overhaul my blog.

When I consider my lifestyle, it's odd to me that I don't just have a coconut bra lying around for whenever I need one. This is something I must fix as soon as possible.

Looks like my account was logged in and my son commented on a bunch of YouTube videos from it.  I deleted the comments, a little ashamed of the content.  His mother was disturbed by the language. I was disturbed by the bad spelling.  I'm glad we caught it early because now I can teach him to use spell check before he goes out and does further harm to the English language.

#confession I my love love, but I hate love poetry. Check out my latest post on Insatiable Booksluts:

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From the YFT archives: All the usual holidays getting you down? Try this new (old) one on for size.

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Ever get frustrated when you are trying to learn something new from the beginning?  Here are some tips to help you.

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I think I should probably dust this blog off and start writing for it again.
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