Once upon a time there was an iPhone named "One." One set the bar very high for mobile technology. One had apps could play video, share things with One's friends etc... But one day a new dude named "Taco," who was an Android, came to town.

Taco decided to copy what One was doing and created a bunch of apps that allowed for even more flexibility while on the go. Taco decided that Taco's would be cheap and allow all sorts of developers work on Taco's at little to no charge at all. Taco developers are very cunning and intelligent.

One payed no attention to Taco until one day when user James (that's me) lost a technonerd battle with a Taco using punk. The bar has been set to high for One and now this Apple tree must grow.

I'm still waiting for something great to bloom from this Apple tree and in my hopes an i5 will have the answer to raise that bar yet again.

The end´╗┐
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