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Hello. Joined this community in hopes of finding some help. I have assembled a reprap delta type printer, but unfortunately do not know where to go from here. When telling it to home, it crashes into the bed (actually gouged the plate) and had to be emergency stopped. the endstops are at the top of the uprights in the picture for assembly, so thats where i put them. Would like some guidance on troubleshooting. Also, not sure what other information would be needed. Thank you in advance.

Reaching out to this group in hopes of help... are there any specific tutorials or instructions/classes that can get me started? I am using a UNO type controller, and the whole python thing is not how I thought it would be. I do have a specific project in mind and would be glad to discuss privately or here....

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this is bullshit. even if the law were in full swing, magazines aren't a weapon...
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