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Imagine that next week you can have lunch with anyone you choose and anywhere you choose.
Who would you want to have lunch with? Where?
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Albert Einstein, and I'd just want to find a nice little coffee shop where we could chat. One of the greatest scientific minds in the world, and he still said "imagination is more important than knowledge". :-)
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#Hack Your Mind : concentrate to change the direction of the train with your mind
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And negative thinking leads to...
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Share your desires and wishes for 2013.

My wish is for continued health, happiness, and Powerful Thinking On Purpose reaches the NY Times Bestsellers list!
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If you aren't enjoying the journey, choose a different path.
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Guys having fun. Check out the "Chinese fire drill" part. We used to do that at stop lights when we were teens. Ah... It was easy to entertain ourselves back then.
Approach your challenges today with a new frame of mind. Be creative, think outside the box-like these guys did-
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A face only a mother can love. Quite possibly the weirdest animal on the planet.
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A boy who did not know what an echo was cried across a valley, “Who is there?”
The echo answered, “Who is there?”
The child could not see who spoke those words and he asked, “Who are you?”
Back came the words, “Who are you?”
The boy thought someone was trying to tease him. So he shouted, “Please stop it!”
The echo repeated, “Please stop it!”
Just as the child was becoming bewildered by the echo, his mother explained to him that no one was trying to tease him, that it was only an echo of his own voice that came back to him. The child thought about this for a moment, then cried out, “I love you!”
Back came the words, “I love you!”
The child enthusiastically shouted, “You are so good!”
The compliment was returned to him and the child became happier and more enthusiastic about life. 
The moral of the story is that what we give to this world comes back to us.
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The ONLY thing getting in the way of your success is your thoughts. Change them and success follows.
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