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David Bailey (DevilishDB)
I'm a coder from the UK.
I'm a coder from the UK.


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Our Google Inbox winners are +Mátyás Albert Nagy, +Cira Hernandez and +sowparnika k. Congratulations! 
Please contact us to redeem your invites and give us your gmail address.

Anyone brave enough to try out this not-yet-perfect build of uTouch 3? To try it, extract it into /usr/share/icons and set the theme with whatever appearance configuration tool you use.

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And for the people who haven't followed my new account yet...
Happy Halloween everyone! 👻

On a completely unrelated note: my first poll... To any +Numix Project icon theme users, will you go back to using/continue using/start using uTouch when uTouch 3 is released? (If you didn't already know, I'm going to be maintaining uTouch from now on, hopefully)

This poll is not available.

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[Websites] How to use XHTML with HTML 5
XHTML. Nowadays, whenever you tend to hear about it, it's just people complaining and recommending that you never should use it, since it's old. It's not. If it was so outdated, then why would be using it on their webpages? People only think it's out...

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My current +Numix Project desktop (I get bored of the same look and/or operating system VERY quickly). Click "Read more" to see how I did it or TL;DR scroll down to see the screenshot

OS: +Debian 8 (last time I posted a screenshot, it was +Linux Mint 17)

Desktop environment: +Xfce

Compositing: +Xfce default compositor (enabled in Window manager tweaks) with shadows for everything

Apps shown: +GNOME terminal, Nautilus aka +GNOME files, Gedit aka +GNOME Text editor

Icons: +Numix Project Circle icons

Cursors: DMZ Black

Xfwm and +GTK Theme: +Numix Project Dark Theme

Wallpaper (which you can barely see): +Numix Project Mesh wallpaper

Top panel items [25px height]: menu, separator (expand style), audio mixer, notification area, clock, action buttons (menu style)

Left panel items [48px width]: show desktop, separator (normal style), a bunch of launchers, separator (normal style), window buttons (no label, sort by drag-n-drop), separator (expand style), workspace switcher (4 workspaces, 2 rows), directory menu

Other notes: Length of left panel is 97% so that it won't cover the top panel, and you have to unlock, move it down and lock again. It'll also be a different percent depending on your screen resolution. Make sure to not auto-increase the length, or it will go over when you have more windows open. Notification style is set to Numix.

Anything else? Ask me in the comments!
#shareyourdesktopfriday (Saturday is close enough)

Has anyone else yet had Google+ automatically making them a story of their day out, or is it just me?

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My Yosemite-style desktop

Window manager - Openbox (no joke)
Wallpaper - Upcoming default wallpaper for OS X Yosemite (handled by "feh")
!Openbox theme - hacked up version of +Numix Project Dark theme for Openbox (I changed colours and window buttons. Shame you can't antialias or per-button colour)
!!GTK theme - +Moka light
Dock - Cairo Dock
Dock theme - slightly modified version of Elementary theme
Panel - lxpanel
!!Icons - +Numix Project Circle
!!Cursor - DMZ Black
!Fonts - Nimbus Sans L (where they decided they would change from the default sans! so some bits of text aren't that font)
Compositor - xcompmgr

! = handled by obconfig
!! = handled by lxappearance

I think that's all to say... Pretty cool, eh? And 'cos it's Openbox it runs quickly on my ancient laptop

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I've made a blog! It's all about +Linux stuff - check it out at

The first post I've made is an article about how to compile a kernel from for +Ubuntu (based on a page from the ubuntu wiki).

You can read that post at

+Numix Project Cyanogenmod actually applies the icons to the whole OS not just the launcher - yay!

+Cyanogen Inc. 's  +CyanogenMod is amazing on my +Samsung Mobile Galaxy S II - I mean you can get +Android  4.4.2 (on a phone which only originally had Android 2) with CM 11 M7 and the configurability and apps are great. Plus I've got +Numix Project Circle as my icon theme which looks good on the homescreen.
I think that's the most amount of name tags I've put in a post before...
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