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I really need some help with someone from +YouTube. Our +Cruzerlite YouTube channel ( had a video flagged for violation of the community standards (a video of our product that we created). We received an email that the video was flagged, but when we went to our channel it had been terminated without warning (This account has been terminated due to repeated or severe violations of our Community Guidelines and/or claims of copyright infringement.).

I've tried to reach out to +YouTube through the appeal process, to which they require the email address that is affiliated with the account. Since the account/channel was terminated, there IS no email associated with it anymore and I simply keep getting generic emails saying that the account owner needs to contact +YouTube.

This has got to be some kind of mistake, as we've never had a violation, we aren't monetized, and all of the videos on the channel had no music, no graphics, nothing... just a man's voice over while unwrapping one of our products.

If we HAVE violated the +YouTube TOS, I'd like to know which one so that we can rectify the situation. But again, I can't help but to think that this was a mistake. 

Can someone PLEASE help us? Maybe reshare this to get some kind of exposure?

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