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Social Media for a Growing Business
Brand management is more
important than ever in a society that has currently grown accustomed to the
internet being readily available almost anywhere through smart phones and
tablets. In recent years, managing your brand has gone beyond the usual keyword

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Creating a Brand Through Advertising
With thousands of firms — and hundreds of
thousands of people — all competing for the same pool of clients and prospects,
differentiation is one of the most important ways to gain recognition and build
brand awareness. Communicating your firm’s unique chara...

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How Brands Talk
A Company or a firm is first known by its very own brand name. This name is known by the people only when the company in the market does a remarkable work. Remarkable work is noticed over the period of time when memory actually registers it. Is this really ...

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Self Adjusting Dynamics of Markets – A Socio Economic Phenomena
In last two and half decades, this world has witnessed great
shift socially and economically.  At one
hand, we have become boundary less in terms of sharing knowledge and allowing
free trade so on the other hand we have turned into less tolerant society due...

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Thanks to new and virtual world created by powerful internet phenomena, an entirely new generation of population has emerged. This new population is truly global in sense and beyond any political and geographical boundary and ready to explore new ways of in...

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"Our head of social media is the customer."

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Branding, a thoughtful, planned and diligent journey
Branding Redefined Rome wasn't built in a day – A French Proverb Nothing happens instantly and takes time.  Everything in this infinite cosmos starts with
a seed and slowly grows to turn into giant. In professional world also, these natural laws applies.   ...

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