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Erik Cederberg

Am i correct in that i only need to print four parts (2pcs of the Y-carriage, the X-carriage belt holder and the Z limit switch holder) if i am building the dice with milled parts and the water cooled print head, and not using the printed feeder?

Also, is there a updated STEP file of the DICE with the new print head and the water cooling?

+René Jurack The dropbox link on your website is broken.

Does anyone have deeper knowledge in what % RH you need to store say Nylon filaments at to keep them from absorbing moisture?

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The first print with the new printer at the office, 210cm vase printed in 16h :) 
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Quite happy with my latest print, it is a 150mm long section of 80x80 aluminium profile, with some threaded t-nuts, no post-processing what so ever, the screws just threaded straight in without need to use any excessive force in the nuts, the profile is straight off the printer.

Printed in +ColorFabb XT-CF20 on a +Ultimaker 2+, i just love the surface finish i can get with that filament! :-)

CoreXY-like geometry for IDEX?

I am sketching a bit on a new printer, and i wonder if there are any belt-driven setups that can move two or more heads independent of each other on a axis, with all motors stationary?

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Printed the +Maker's Muse tolerance test at my +Ultimaker 2+ with UM Pearl White PLA and the Cura default "Normal quality" settings.

Down to .15 worked just fine, .2 and above was loose from the moment i took it of the bed, the .1 and .05 is stuck.

What results have you guys been getting with it?

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Is there any way to get data about the current printing from smootheiware via a serial link or something similar, lets say that i wanted to hook up a very nice big analog needle gauge that show the current extrusion volume per second etc via a arduino connected by serial to the smoothieboard? ;)

Looking for printer kit/design suggestions, i will need a printer for a highly specialized build (paste extrusion type) and wonder if there are any good kits out there that fits the bill, so i can save the time needed to design a new one :-)

It needs to:
- Have at least a 300x300x300mm build volume
- Be able to swing a 2,5kg heavy, 400mm high, extruder assembly around
- have a bed that only moves in Z (due to the material printed not being too rigid)

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Not CNC, but making parts for a cnc machine with a manual mill with powerfeed :)
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