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sharing the teachings of the ascended masters as delivered through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.
sharing the teachings of the ascended masters as delivered through Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

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Our spiritual tradition has been much enriched by understanding the mystical tradition behind our Christmas rituals. This story includes many of the ascended masters’ teachings on the Christmas story in a way to fascinate children.
Please download and enjoy this story, The Christmas Star: The Mystical Story of the Three Wise Men, illustrated and written to be read aloud to children:

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Family Christmas Rituals
‘Tis the season for family Christmas rituals to impart the “Spirit” of Christmas. Here are some ideas to create meaningful rituals that have spiritual significance.
Christmas Ideas – Spread the Joy!
Cultivate holiness during the season. Talk with your children about the true meaning of Christmas. Read the scriptural account of Christ’s birth (Luke Chapter 2, verses 1 -20)
Place a nativity manger in your home. Children love setting the figures and talking about their significance. Wait until late Christmas Eve to place the baby Jesus in the manger. On Christmas morning, sing Happy Birthday to Jesus before you begin opening presents.
Each day in the season of advent, write on a piece of “hay” (a piece of yellow paper) a gift of your heart that you want to give Jesus—and then place it in the manger. By Christmas Eve, his manger will be soft with many pieces of hay (and your heart’s gifts).
Near the manger, place a symbol of gold, frankincense and myrrh – symbols of the balance of the three fold flame in the heart – carried by the wise men who came from the Far East bringing these gifts to honor Jesus. This can remind us to pray to Jesus each day and feel his Light in our hearts.
Make a daily round through your house carrying the incense of frankincense and myrrh (or diffuse them as essential oils) to prepare your homes and hearts for the coming again of the Christ.
Go caroling in your neighborhood or church and sing the spiritual Christmas songs that open hearts and instill the true meaning of the holiday.
Place a Yule log in your home and light the candles each night during Christmas tide to represent the rekindling of the fires of the Ancient of Days (Sanat Kumara) who long ago came to the earth to keep the flame of life. Let the lighting of the fire and the lighting of each candle forever symbolize the igniting of the threefold flame of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of all mankind.
Make or purchase a wreath – Show your children that it has no beginning or end representing the love which Jesus has for each of us, and that we share with each other. Recite the Golden Rule with your family each night to spread the love.
Have your family reenact the holy scene of Christmas Eve and take on the roles. Become the players who played their parts in the greatest drama ever presented as Almighty God is the author of this play.
Place an advent wreath in your home. As you light the candles through the advent season, make the calls for the clearing of the records in our four lower bodies – etheric, mental, emotional and physical bodies.
Prepare your Christmas tree with painted balls that represent the star of the causal bodies of the Ascended Masters. Have your family members write the names of their favorite Ascended Masters. For wherever the name of an Archangel, an Elohim, an ascended being is written or spoken, there is the focus of that Electronic Presence.
Let your children be glad when they think about the coming of Santa with his bundle of gifts. And tell them the story of good Saint Nicholas, who in honor of the Christ, provided a dowry for three poor maidens by tossing purses of gold through their open windows at night. Above all, remember that the children are waiting to hear of the coming of the Christ into their house as the unseen guest.
Instill in your family that the true spirit of Christmas is something that doesn’t go away at the end of December; your family can spread joy, love and charity throughout the year.

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Mark Prophet Loved the Mystical Paths of East and West

Mark Prophet knew that deep down inside, people are trying to find God—whether they call him the Christ or the Buddha, the Tao or Brahman. His lifelong goal was to help everyone he met realize more of that spiritual essence.

How to Become a Mystic
He also believed that there is a spark of the divine within each of us and that we can contact that God within. Even before it was fashionable, Mark was teaching spiritual seekers how to become mystics. The mystic believes that he can gain direct knowledge of God through subjective experience and intimate communion with the All in all.

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When you get pregnant - either on purpose or by accident - you generally attract a soul you have a karmic obligation to.
There is a Responsible Alternative
For whatever cosmic reasons, specific souls are assigned to you. You are karmically responsible for giving those souls a physical body. (The only exception is when your life is endangered by the pregnancy.) But you may not be karmically responsible for raising a child. Adoption is a responsible alternative.
Often, when a pregnancy is unplanned, a woman may not be able to care for the child. Perhaps you're single, or you have a bad relationship with the father, or you're still in school and you don't want a child now, or your baby has physical or mental abnormalities that you can't deal with.
In fact, you may be responsible only for giving the soul a physical body and finding adoptive parents. The people who need to raise the child have a different karma with the soul. Their karma probably requires them to nurture the child and bring him or her to adulthood. That is why adoption is such a critical option to consider if you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy.
Once you understand reincarnation and karma, you don't need to feel guilty about placing your baby for adoption. In fact, you can feel proud that you had a responsibility to fulfill and you did it well.
Click the link to download a free e-book.

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"Thus day by day and little by little, you experiment with this increment of fire. And as you make the journey again through the untransmuted layers, you guard the harmony, you guard the consciousness, you do not allow yourself to engage. None of your chakras, your feelings, emotions, or thoughts engage with the unreality that is being consumed. And therefore, my precious ones, you become the victor.
Once the human creation of thyself can see that there is nothing it can do to rouse you, upset you, engage you, cause you to believe the lie or the illusion, become burdened with the records of doubt, then it does give up. It will no longer manifest the ferocious face of the beast; but it sees the end come, passes through the death throes—and you are also vigilant.
And therefore by your call, Archangel Michael and the mighty archangels do bind that dweller as you stand fast and behold the salvation of your God in your very living temple and you become on earth an electrode of living fire like unto the Lord God above who dwells in the Holy of Holies in the heart of the I AM Presence. This is the goal of your walk with God." 
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Here is a prayer to give to mitigate the darkness that many are unknowingly tying into on this day. 
"My very own beloved Presence of God, I AM, in me, beloved Ascended Master Jesus Christ, beloved Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Archangel Michael and all the Archangels; blessed Morya El, Saint Germain and Portia and all members of the angelic and ascended host: We most lovingly call forth in God’s name, I AM, the full power of the violet transmuting flame of forgiving love for the mankind of earth to remove the causes and cores of all human foolishness connected in any way with Halloween.
Transmute, transmute, transmute all into Light and the electronic God-power of the ascended host. Replace it all with the most lovely, inspirational, God-uplifting forms of angelic beauty that have ever graced this planet, and keep this action of the violet fire building in momentum until the last trace of human discord is changed into perfection!
What I call forth for my own world I call forth for all others, eternally sustained, all powerfully active, and world engulfing until all are ascended and free."
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Halloween in Britain is a celebration of all that's dark. Children dress up as witches, devils and ghouls. 
The law of attraction states we attract to ourselves that which we put our attention on.
#AscendedMasters #Halloween

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Balancing Your Threefold Flame

The threefold flame is the core of your identity. And around that core, the Father/Mother God has coalesced the energies which provide for your self-conscious awareness of God as Spirit and of soul as your living potential to become the fullness of God in manifestation. Jesus and others who have walked the homeward path have become the fullness of the Christ in outer manifestation by balancing the energies of the threefold flame within the heart.
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Release Light to Overcome All Obstacles

“Blessed ones, you can will back that energy which you call ‘heavy.’ You can push it back by a determined forehead, a thrust of the jaw, and a pressing through! By will, you can release light to overcome all obstacles.

You see, there is a passive mode which the chela retains in order to receive the light of the I AM Presence and the higher octave. Sometimes you forget to change gears, and you remain passive when you ought to be in the battle mode-bold and sending forth such light, such blinding light that the enemy cannot even find you in the center of that vortex of light, and long before the malice reaches you, it is consumed.”

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Mark L. Prophet

People remember him as deeply spiritual and at the same time fun loving, spontaneous and practical, a down-to-earth person who loved to talk to people from every walk of life.

The Ascended Master El Morya first appeared to Mark when he was a young man, but unable to reconcile the turbaned Eastern adept with his lifelong devotion to Jesus, Mark dismissed him.
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