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great game and fantastic community i only wish i can join my fellow gamers in the current expansion heart of thorns

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all i need is a new phone and i can be the very best the best that ever was! ;)

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i find all the comments all over the web on minecraft win 10 edition is insane.  People expect it to be like the PC version.  

Though it's based on minecraft PE & was made to work with minecraft win 10,xbox, and minecraft PE.

Minecraft win 10 edition takes less resources to run.
Minecraft PC that takes 1g min to run though to run smooth can take multiple gigs of ram.

Pocket edition was slated to get all the shinnies like PC edition.
So yes win 10 edition will get the love too in do time.


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Been playing mo' creatures in 1.8 and i gotta say  i love it but im also getting wrecked in it from either poison or jumped by a werewolf... any one have some tips or tricks or even some modes that can help me live longer then a fort night.     Though i do try to stay away from insanely OP mods.

Chilling on my minecraft realm server in survival with my family though we are running out of fun things to do... only so many things we can do in vanilla

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