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north carolina politics political science

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Follow Up on Registered Unaffiliated Voters: Where Are They?
With some more data crunching, I have looked at the 100 counties and ranked order the percentage of registered unaffiliated voters in each. The below map demonstrates different percentages of unaffiliated voters in each county: In breaking down the generati...

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"We're #2!": Registered Unaffiliated Voters in North Carolina
It was this past Saturday that many who track NC politics had been waiting for--well, maybe 3 or 4 of us, but we saw it coming. Saturday's NC State Board of Elections data file showed that registered unaffiliated voters now outnumber registered Republicans ...

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Analysis of Generations in the 2016 Election: Policy and Issue Differences Among the Generations
As a second post to yesterday's analysis on 2016's election and generations, the policy differences and issue stances of the four cohorts--Millennials (born after 1981), Generation Xers (born between 1965 and 1980), Baby Boomers (born between 1945 and 1965)...

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Analysis of Generations in the 2016 Election: Partisanship, Ideology, Vote Choice, and Feelings Toward Clinton & Trump
In exploring more about the "generational shift" occurring in North Carolina politics (particularly from a voter registration and turnout approach--see previous posts on this blog site), I wanted to take a larger view of the differences between Millennials ...

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Half way through 2017, a look at NC's voter pool
As we enter the dog days of summer, I thought it would be good to take a look at the latest figures for the North Carolina registered voter pool at the half-way point of 2017, with data courtesy of the NC State Board of Elections . First, the total pool of ...

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The Final NC Voting Data Has Been Released
Well, I know it's been a while since I've posted, but I needed some time away (and time to get caught up on my other jobs), but now that the North Carolina State Board of Elections has released some final data on voters, we can truly begin to dissect the 20...

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North Carolina on Election Day: Some Basic Information & Political Dynamics (in Charts, of course)
Well, it's finally , finally , FINALLY here . Just to give a sense of what North Carolina has seen over the past few general elections in presidential election years (of course, by charts): Here are the presidential election results for North Carolina: Here...

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Further Analysis of NC's 2016 Absentee Voters: Their 2012 Voting Methods
I looked into North Carolina's voters who have cast accepted absentee ballots and paired with information as to whether they were registered in 2012 and, if so, their 2012 voting methods if they cast ballots four years ago. In terms of the 2.8 million North...

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Differences in Absentee Ballots: 2012 vs. 2016 by Party Registration in North Carolina
With the dramatic increases in absentee ballots in North Carolina and preparing for the general election day, a question from a Twitter follower was, "what areas saw the most changes among absentee voters?" Using information on accepted absentee ballots in ...

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Some Exploration of the True Wildcard in NC's Early Voting: Registered Unaffiliated Voters
With the near-final numbers posted in terms of North Carolina's absentee voting before Tuesday's election, the true wildcard seems to be the huge spike in registered unaffiliated voters who have cast a quarter of all the absentee ballots. Their numbers are ...
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