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Sarah Davis

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I think my favorites are the clutch, teas, and chocolate. Always need a new bag to put all the pretties in, tea to calm the nerves, and chocolate can never be left out! It's a girls best friend next to diamonds! :D Heck, everything in this giveaway is my kind of relaxation! 

Liked and shared on facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+, and instagram! :D
Oh I'm so excited to be holding my first giveaway! I made it my goal this year to really get Sugar, Darling? to the standard I want it to be at and have spent a lot of time and a good bit of money creating the blog you see be...
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Sarah Davis

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Some of my tattoos
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+Sarah Davis same damn problem here with notifications from this last crappy g+ useless update. grrrr
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Sarah Davis

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Going out last night! Gave photo a grungy effect with a flame overlay -   cuz I'm so hot! ;D hah
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Sarah Davis

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6 comments can't even hardly see my tits to know if they are big or good... ;p
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Sarah Davis

Zombie Artwork  - 
Wanted to share with all you zombie lovers out there!
Going for full fledged sleeve of zombies on left arm! Got my two main tats already. Attack of the zombie squirrel and zombie pin up girl with "I love brains" in the ribbon.. :) Right arm will be for the living... ;D
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Juan C
That's an awesome pin up girl/zombie. Thanks for sharing.
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Sarah Davis

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Me ready to go party it up at a friends birthday party yesterday! Had a great time! :)
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Your eyes are beautiful.
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Me with some pretty blue hair! ;D
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That is odd
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Sarah Davis

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For Dallas/South Dallas, Texas based photographers!!!
If you or you know of any photographer looking for assistance , send them this link to my creative services ad on craigslist!  :)
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Sarah Davis

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Because +Shane Corning  got me all nostalgic-feeling.. ;]  
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Photographer, artist
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Friends, Networking
Pardon me Roy...Is that the cat that chewed your new shoes?
I am a lover of video games, art, tattoos, and zombies. An open mind to most music and tv/movies, but I have my favorites; hard rock, classic rock, horrors and comedies. A collector of anything old/vintage/odd. A photographer who loves capturing the beauty in life - whether it be found objects or my favorite people.

I have a thing for Zombies.. Call it what you want.. addiction, obsession... if it's zombie related give it to me right meow!

Oh an art...I've always loved to draw,paint,color,etc... Both my parents are very artistic, so I've learned a lot from them. I've never taken any art classes other then sitting around the kitchen table watching my mom draw/paint and explain things along the way. 


These are the circles I'm creating to get everyone in their rightful place... If you want to be added to certain circles or all it doesn't matter let me know! ;] 

1. Artist - of all kinds - painters, digital artwork, illustrators, photography*...Pretty much any art related stuff can go in this circle! ;] 

2. *Photography - You can be in this circle and the one above is you like, but if you wish too only see my photos, shares, or something related to just photography then just ask to be put in the one.

3. Geeks and Gamers - For those that know how a computer works.. hardware/software ive dabbled in both annnnd that a flux capacitor isn't a car part, but hopefully in the future it could be... ;] This circle also goes for gamers too. I like FPS and RPGs...I'm currently playing skyrim <3.. Meet my husband at a Lan Party.. ;D 

4. Mail Artist - If you are an artist that likes to send things through the snail mail then this is for you! ;D 

5. No More Censorship - This is for those who follow Marc Rossmillers censorship page and really for those just plain tired of seeing that black and white no no circle all over artful photos of boobs and wieners... 

6. NSFW - adults only please...May contain adult humor...language...other disturbing things.... any one who wanted in and starts being a cry baby about something I've posted will be thrown out into a "cry baby" circle...Just sayin you've been warned... 

7. Hookers - Not that kind of hooker ya perv ;D ..This is for those crocheters and knitters out there... I crochet hats and I make toys for my dogs and my lil nephew.. Love helping out and needing help with patterns! ;] 

8. Funny Stuff - For all those who like funny shit we find across the interwebz...
Bragging rights
A few photos of mine have been published in The Dallas Morning News paper!
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Oh I'm so excited to be holding my first giveaway! I made it my goal this year to really get Sugar, Darling? to the standard I want it to be

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