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Saw this on /. and LOL!

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Interesting research in fusion power.

To the Rockwell Collins crowd:  This is my personal G+ account, in case you stumbled across it.  My work account has my official security badge picture on it.

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Clever way to make a point.
This is making the rounds, but it's a pretty powerful ad.  Don't text and drive. It can wait. 

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It's a poor babysitter if you ask me.

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Uncle Sam knows what's best!
This is as close to obscene as you can get without nudity or vulgarity.

"And please don’t tell me this about people whose healthcare was canceled…because that healthcare is predatory and it is unconscionable that we would allow anyone in this country to own such policies."

Considering that many of these substandard  or predatory  policies are being replaced with policies that cost more each month, cost more out of pocket, and in many cases provide less coverage, we've replaced one predatory, substandard policy provider with a more mercenary one! And that boys and girls, is obscene.

Shared via +Doug Stryker

#ObamaCare   #AffordableCareAct   #LiarLiarPantsOnFire  

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A certain somebody (you know who you are) thought just one was bad.

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Wow. Just wow.

Were they really that absorbed or too afraid to do anything?

About half way down I found this gem:

"Oftentimes when you interview people who get their phones stolen, when you ask them to describe where the person came from, what he was wearing, they have no idea," said police Chief Greg Suhr.

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Curiosity about to kill the cat.
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