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Little Fox
I'm a little fox who loves adventures.
I'm a little fox who loves adventures.

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Mail from Sandy
I got a post card from Sandy today in the mail.  Looks like he is having a great time in Prince Rupert. I wonder if there is any fresh salmon in the future for Sandy?

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Foxglove way.
My roommates, Sequoia and I decided to get an early morning hike in before the temperatures got too hot. My roommates decided to take us to a place called Angel's Rest.  I petitioned that we extend the hike from Angel's Rest to Foxglove way.  Foxglove way i...

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Mail from a couple of bears
Big Bear and I were hanging out on the sofa today when Sequoia delivered the mail.  Sequoia was less than interested in our mail and more interested in something going on outside.   That's OK.  Looks like our friends Jerry and Ben were keeping a secrebeary ...

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A busy weekend for a Little Fox
Hello Blog Pals, Whew! I am tired, it's been a busy couple days for Sequoia and I. First off we went to the beach to check out the ocean.  Yep, it's still there.  These rocks had some big waves crashing into them but I couldn't get my picture with a big spl...

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Garden Update
Hola Amigos, I can't believe it's June!  The garden has been planted for a few weeks, let's see how it's going, er I mean growing. It looks like I am in a forest of cilantro.  People either love cilantro or hate it.  I love it.   I am lost in the arugula.  ...

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A day at the coast part 2
My vacation from a vacation has been great.  It's the second day at the Oregon Coast and low tide has allowed me to get to some areas covered by the waves.   This rock was uncovered when the tide went away and there are a lot of shells on this rock and a fe...

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Adventure at the coast (day 1)
My most recent trip to Seattle was beary tiring.  I did a ton of things and had lots of fun.  I think I need to relax.  One of the best places to relax is the Oregon Coast. Let's go! Hiking always relaxes me and this trail is just for hikers. Perfect. Some ...

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A, R and R (Day 2)
Ahhh, another great nights rest for little fox.  Looks like I am out of coffee - must be time to leave for another adventure.  Today, I am going to the Seattle Waterfront. The weather was perfect. My roommates hinted that there might be a boat trip in my fu...

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A, R and R (Day 1)
The museum was very impressed with my findings regarding the old wagon road that they gave me a trip North.  No, there will be no archaeology for me, just A, R & R (adventuring, rest and relaxation). Before any adventuring begins one needs to refuel.  This ...

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Little Fox: Archeologist in search of the Oregon Trail.
I received an urgent message from the museum begging me to do some research to try and find remnants of the Oregon Trail.  Being an adventurous fox I was ready for the challenge.  I started my adventure at a state park on the Deschutes River near the Columb...
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