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Hi, I'm Luca Masters and you're not. Neener, neener!
Hi, I'm Luca Masters and you're not. Neener, neener!


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Starting off, this seems like the standard "don't be clever, because it will make things hard for your future self" essay, but instead it's a "programming has a natural mechanism that pushes us to be better programmers", and that's pretty cool. Though it's also a little iffy in multi-programmer environments.

Also, this:
> If you are a programmer, you will be familiar with a sense of wonder, gradually transforming into utter stupor, as you stare at some perfectly reasonable code that couldn't possibly fail, and yet somehow it does. And since you are confident that you understand how the code works, having written it yourself, you feel that you must be able to figure out what is going on. Not only the desire to deliver working software on time, but other powerful forces such as pride, stubbornness and curiosity contribute to the motivation that pushes you onwards through the arduous task of tracking down the root cause of the error. Suddenly you see it, and you're blinded by a bright light as all the pieces fall into place. The inexperienced programmer may fall into the trap of self-degradation: "Oh, look at how stupid I was!" But that same sentiment is proof that your programming-related cleverness, or skill, has increased: "Oh, look at how clever I've become!" (Although I wouldn't recommend saying that out loud.)
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SE is Clerical Tornados. The SW Star Trek Star Roamers (first deck is homemade) has taken control of SE's Twister.

Birthday Party says that if you do not have a minion here, you cannot play minions on another base. Does SE have a minion on the Birthday Party?
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West: Steampunk Astronights
South: Ignoble Bears
East: Shapeshifter Changerbots or something--who cares?

Per the rules:
(0) The Annoying Alien is owned by West and controlled by South.

House interpretation:
(1) "your", "another player's" refers to ownership.

(2) West CAN move Annoying Alien via Zeppelin, because he is the owner.
(3) West CANNOT move Aunt of Drakes or Foot of the King via Zeppelin because they are not his minions. This holds true even if he is given control of these minions.

Question: If West moves the Annoying Alien from NW Base to SE Base, does the Cub Scout there (owned by South; controlled by West) destroy the Annoying Alien?

a. Yes, the Cub Scout is owned by South, and as far it is concerned, "another player's minion" means owned by someone other than South.
b. No, the Cub Scout is owned by South, but the ability is owned by the West, and as far it is concerned, "another player's minion" means owned by someone other than West.

Initially I said a, but now I think b.

Bases in Question:
NW Base: Ninja Dojo
SE Base: No-Moon

Cards in question:

Cub Scout
* Power: 3
* Deck: Bear Calvary
* Ability: Ongoing: After another player's minion moves here, if it has less power than this minion, destroy it.

Annoying Alien
* Power: 2
* Deck: Astronights

* Ability: Talent: Move one of your minions from another base to here, or from here to another base.
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Steps for Canceling +Spotify Premium:
1. Click Cancel
2. Select why you're canceling and click "really cancel".
3. Read about their features and click "really, really cancel".
4. Read about (or listen to) how they really want you back and click "no seriously, cancel".
5. Re-authenticate
6. Click "Yes, for srs cancel!"
7. Done! But "If it's all been a terrible mistake and you've changed your mind, click here to Resubscribe to Premium."

But will they even let you out at all next time? I wouldn't risk it.
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I'm running Windows 7 Enterprise (physical access, but no admin access) to access a file on an NTFS network drive (no admin access to server either, but maybe physical access).

The file I want to open is locked for editing, presumably by me from two days ago, but both computers from which I would have opened it have since been restarted.

How do I unlock such a file without admin access? Ideally without hard rebooting the server and shutting down our office network.
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Is there a way to retroactively change photos autobacked up at full size to being not full sized?

I have my phone setto autoback up photos at full size. I want to keep doing that and I want to keep many of them that way, but there are many I'd like to convert to the smaller, doesn't-count-towards-storage-cap size.

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This is a good day to re-post this.

Every day is a good day to re-post this. Dear +Barack Obama, this is why I voted for you in 2008 and why I didn't vote for you in 2012. Dear next Democratic candidate, please have some damn principles.
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"Please enter an Passcode without spaces or these special characters: $ & ^ < > ! [ ]"

Dear +Bank of America,

Whoever made this decision needs to be fired immediately. They are profoundly and dangerously incompetent. And you need to fix it immediately.
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Found key.
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+Margaret Thym, let me know if you want to borrow any.
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