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On the heels of an easy Syracuse victory over North Carolina in a game relatively devoid of emotion, I ponder the loss of a real rivalry with Georgetown and whether a workplace emphasis on collaboration have undermined rivalries elsewhere.  Please consider taking a look at my newest blog post, Rivalries Are Fleeting. 

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Here's a quick look at my three words.  Please consider taking a look at the entire blog post, which includes some OMFG lessons learned.

Discipline:  I need to post more often (but only content that matters), strengthen relationships more deliberately (particularly on LinkedIn), share more tweets, and perhaps most important, prioritize more effectively.  

Passion:  In many ways, the professional and personal challenges I’ve faced this year have been deflating. Human speed bumps at work have made it far more difficult to “leap out of bed, ready to face the day’s challenges” than at any other time in my life.  The key to success with this word is finding interesting projects that will engage me and make a difference in people’s lives (and being more patient during the Execution phase).

Change:  There’s an old story about a frog and scorpion trying to cross a raging river.  The frog, who can’t see the shore over the waves, is reluctant to carry the scorpion out of fear he’ll be killed.  The scorpion points out that if he kills the frog, he dies too.  Halfway across the stream, the frog feels a sting and, as he starts to go under, asks the scorpion why.  ”Because it’s my nature,” says the scorpion.

My nature is to be the bulldog to the point where I sometimes seem to seek or embrace conflict within a corporate culture that doesn’t.  I’m impatient with people who hide behind process or bring dozens of people into an initiative to avoid taking responsibility for the decision or for execution.  I have to change (or perhaps) tweak my approach if I want to be happy. 

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My newest blog post -- a pretty good book from ace negotiator Ron Shapiro

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Terrific post. Big companies have to simplify all this.
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